Wise in Foresight- #1 Pick Time Capsule

For years, if anyone dared suggest EFC may have erred in picking a particular player over someone else, it would not be long before he was reprimanded by the thought police, saying it is easy to be wise in hindsight and they have full confidence in blah blah blah…

So now it is only two more sleeps before we use our first - and hopefully last - ever #1 pick, here is a chance to stand up and have your say for posterity.

I know there are other threads with thousands of posts, but this is more like a time capsule rather than yet another endless discussion of how short McG is or how many cows McC has to milk.

Just say who YOU think we should get, and a succinct summary why.

Or just vote here:

McCluggage because hes got so much more scope to grow.

■■■■ it. setterfield. goes for us.

EFC Facebook page running the same poll https://www.facebook.com/Essendon/posts/10154677079934356
McCluggage for me though more upside in future years.

I’d bid for Setterfield because I think his height and mobility will be more valuable over time. However the bid will be matched, so it’s McCluggage.

Where’s my Taranto option?

McCluggage. Gets the ball, kicks goals. highest ceiling.

Where's my Taranto option?

Beige with a white roof or Orange with a black bonnet. Oh…Taranto…I thought you said Toranna.

Where's my Taranto option?

Sorry the forum software will not let me edit the poll (that is also why there are two questions there).

Clug no one has done what he has done before

Bowes - will be the next Bont. Bid will be matched so…
Setterfield - Big, tall mids seem to be the thing at the moment. Bid will be matched so…
McCluggage - I think he has more development left in him than (McG). Creative and can kick goals. Might take a year or so to show the same output in the AFL.


To dominate a year off no pre-season, with no real body definition, in an average side.

To then win BOG against the elite of your age group in a big game.

Has the ability to turn chaos into goals, and to slot goals like he is shelling peas.

And all of his skillset only becomes more valuable as he develops some level of AFL fitness.

And being a good, relatively quiet, country lad.

Just has to be #1.

McCluggage - his numbers this season are out of this world and appears to have plenty of upside. Also didn’t have much support around him this season meaning he could be anything when others are demanding attention.

There’s a poll in the 2016 top 10 predictions post.


I know damn near nothing, but I want Clug for the cooler name, and because how many times have we drafted a HBF who could move up into midfield (McG) rather than a pure mid.

FWIW I also voted McC for reasons others have said… Plus from what I saw of him in the ALl Stars game he seemed to do the miraculous things like Hird; he was as unobtrusive yet efficient as Terry Daniher; and others have compared him to Pendlebury. Achieving all he has done this year, while being tagged, becoming the clear #1 voted by his peers and the reported consensus #1 of the scouts and recruiters.

And all this off no pre-season! We would be mad not to pick him.

Clug all the way

McCluggage for the eleventeenth time. I want a midfielder with more than a touch of class. It strikes me you can get someone of McGrath’s type further down…not that they’re available to us this year.

BTW I think the fact that, allegedly, Knights wanted a HBF with good disposal as a reason to pick Myers, when Myers had only played HBF in the nationals because WA had so many good mids. Well, that reasoning sucked.

Myers was always expected to go top 6 or 7.

Antler are hoping we pick McLuggage

McSettergraggage thanks