Women's AFL Team for EFC - 2021 entry at best


I’m sure there’d be plans for it, if this gets up.


Maybe not yet but they ought to be. And what about the Father/Daughter rule?


As the article highlights they’re unlikely to get a license for 2019 because they didn’t apply for an original license like the 5 other teams who missed out.


Father daughter is in. I suppose that’s why we can confidently say that Long will play for us as no one could snaffle her in the draft.

http://m.afl.com.au/news/2017-05-10/fatherdaughter-rule-in-place-for-aflw-trading-period[quote=“mdso, post:22, topic:10737, full:true”]
Maybe not yet but they ought to be. And what about the Father/Daughter rule?


Here is the ‘Two Pathways. One Dream’ video for those interested.


Great news! I always need more of a Bombers fix, and the AFL and VFL games can’t quite scratch that itch. It’d be great to be able to support a women’s team.


Must confess I have felt somewhat ambivalent about the womens league to date but seeing another Long donning the Sash might just change my view.


Good news.


Fk yeah more essendon, twice as many games to be excited for, twice as many panic dollars to spend, twice as many match day threads, moar, moar moarr!!!


Just on a post above, TBH I’d like to get a live stream of all the 2s games before I “want” a Women’s AFL side. Not that that’s how priorities/things work but just thinking out loud here. Would be nice to get full coverage of the team we already have…


We are coming to this this super late and as such are zero chance of a 2019 license. In years post that, maybe.


Now which team having a women’s team are going to bring in the crowd, fill a stadium and are good click bait. Gee, I wonder who that might be?

We did not apply before because we had payouts to make from the supplements saga. The AFL would be well aware of our reasons not to apply for a license and our financial commitments, after all they run the show don’t they?

Its more a matter of, have the AFL really buried the hatchet with us yet?


This is about girls who love footy being allowed to believe they are supported to do something they love like boys do. What a great thing to do, proud to support this club, go bombers.


Richmond and Geelong were both unsuccessful applicants the first time around. They are both big clubs and are clearly next in line. We can dream but in reality we will have to wait.


Yep. Just making sure we are in the queue.


I’m not so sure. Our launch was smart. We have a strong point of difference that should stand us in very good stead.


If you two could form an opinion prior to posting completely opposite viewpoints, then it would help me out… Thanks.


Lol … sorry… we pretty much agree only on what footy team to support. Best bet is to
Ignore us completely. :slight_smile:


Hard to see us getting a license, since I believe Clubs like the Richmond, Geelong and North already have provicinal licenses after failing in their bids to get team at the formation of the club.

AFL forgot to mention to teams that those who made bids would be given priority when the competition was expanded. Some clubs who didn’t bid for whatever reason stated that if they realised this would be the case they would have lodged a bid for one of the original license.


Sounds like a governance failure. They should give us $2m in compensation.