Woosha – final moments or finals moment?

Not true (or at least a gross simplification).

He’s currently failing in a variety of roles, not just midfield. He got dumped to the backline after failing yesterday, for example, and despite that area being peppered was still very meh.

His first midfield game (since he was a junior) was vs Sandy, 26 disposals. After that he’s bounced around in a mix of forward/mid/back and has got between 13 and 20 disposals each week – until the last three weeks of 3, absent, and 10 (with 4 of those collected very late yesterday).

He was notably an outside mid yesterday, often standing a few metres behind the stoppage. That might be fine if you have a Dylan Clarke or Myers to feed it out, but we were being thoroughly thrashed in the ruck (60-34) and everywhere else.

I suspect he’s been injured the last three weeks (right knee?) but if you’re playing it would be nice if you, like, played.

And no, I don’t see him being cut this year, as some hyperbolic types are saying.


He’s been playing very well, actually… absolutely in the top handful of VFL players this second half of the season.


I said I was wrong that I had originally said he had lost the players. I have maintained for a long time that he is a awful coach

After the crows game I said there was a tiny chance that I might of been wrong. The GC game proved that I wasn’t wrong

Have a read of the Langford thread!
Posters complaining in one post that the club doesn’t persist with youngsters, then in the next post that that the club does persist with Langford.

A few results go against, and our supporters just lose all logic and perspective and start throwing their poo at the walls.


Yeah I probably did oversimplify it.

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Drawing a very long bow here with pure speculation.

Our injuries have obviously caught up with us and it is not unexpected that we couldn’t keep pulling wins out of our arses these last 2 weeks, but is there any chance that a Woosha departure /Caracella succession plan has affected player morale?

Just trying to think of why our form/intent could so completely disappear other than we were hanging onto our structure by a thread which has simply snapped.


Can you do me a favour and read my query again.
Hopefully you can have a better crack at it, than what you just served up.

In the past eight matches, we have played about 50 minutes of good football. I don’t see much difference to how we played against West Coast, Sydney, Gold Coast, and most of the other games in the past two months.

I really don’t think our form has changed that significantly at all.

I would say there’s a very good chance of this.

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Harding’s planned exit could be another broken straw.

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Worsfold just sat there and made no moves, like a stone statue, Worsfold could have put 2 players behind the ball to stop the bleeding, he’s a completed joke as a coach and should be sack, what a joke recruiting Shied waste of 2 first-round picks. Has he made us better

No way. The form last night was a lot different to the earlier part of that winning streak.


No wonder it smells in here

@Henry_s_Angry_Pills is saying that is exactly what has happened.

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Can you do me a favour and read my post again champ. I spelled it out, would you like it in crayon?

Or you, a player has been given ample chances to prove he is up to it, and hasn’t. Maybe that’s why he is being bagged

He’s not the only one struggling to understand your posts - it’s you, not all of us.

Something about listing 4 or 5 of us was meant to be a question, I think?

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No I was having a go at you, all season you and others have been acting high and mighty and bagging those who have been critical of worsfold. Seeing as it is looking like you have been right this whole time- maybe you and the others can select our new coach, becuase you know- you never get things wrong

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We won 6 from 7. I think clearly last night was different.

We won them by playing a qtr here or a half there. We weren’t playing anything close to 4 qtrs of decent football