Woosha – final moments or finals moment?

I think this game plan of getting back on the turnover will work better long term than the run and gun game style we have had.

What we do need though is fitter players who will gut-run

The Swans game was horrible. Don’t watch it for your own sanity.

IMO we were poor in the GWS game, played much better in the final quarter.

I agree with you on the skills. I feel they have gotten worse through the year.

I guess we find out this weekend where it actually sits, as it’ll be only the second in form team we have played in recent weeks.

if it works then who knows.

it’s not the gameplan i have issue with persay either, it’s the fear that winning like this gives them a false sense of security that they can play the same way against good top 4 sides who are in form, and win.
not the gameplan, but the poor execution of skills part.

again you could argue that our defence gets cut open, so it’s not this immovable object or force that’s unstoppable.
just teams going forward struggle just as much as we do, which balances it all out.

Just don’t know, again guess this week will give us a better indication imo where it all actually sits.

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When knights got offered a (flag) coach as a senior assistant coach, he knocked it back.

So the story goes, anyway.

So starting coaching young is a bad thing?
Clarkson, Hardwick (by a few months) and Chris scott (by 2-3 years), Malthouse (by 4 years), Thompson (by a few years) all started younger than Knights, and won flag/s.

So the only recent flag coaches older than Knighter when they started were A Simpson (by a year) and Beveridge (by almost a decade).

So, I’m gunna call BS on that being a reason for anything at all. 36-37 seems to be quite old enough to start. I’d argue (if anything) there’s a bent against older guys, not younger.

But you’d definitely prefer to coach a club run by X, not P Jackson.

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You have a habit of taking a fact and ignoring context.

Facts are things that are true.

What you’ve just said is a story.

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That’s nice.

Heaven forbid you explain the missed context?

It looks like you’re saying Knights (ret 2002, started coaching 2008) was the wrong pick because he was coaching guys he played against.
But that clearly hasn’t been a problem for C Scott (ret 2007, started coaching 2011). And Hardwick (ret 2004, started coaching 2010) was OK, and would’ve been OK in 2008 as well.

I think it’s one of these irrelevant little pieces of trivia dressed up as analysis, like always getting a coach from a successful club, or Worsfold’s kids living over there.

15 years around the game at the top level seems to be plenty enough experience for people to sink or swim on their own merits.

But I’m missing the context, obvs.

I did that.

Probably played against Franky Dunnell, Heard, Foulds, Hawker too.

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For people bemoaning us playing like crap and then turning up in last quarter

It’s not just us

Once the pressure falls away late in game it opens up and sides can run away with it, especially those who heavily rotate their mids like we do.

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Don’t worry the AFL no doubt has some further rule changes to bring in next year, to mitigate the disastrous rule changes they brought in this year…which were brought in to address the unforeseen effects of previous rule changes they made…etc…etc…

■■■■■■■ AFL muppets.


Is it the AFL rule changes?

Or merely the coaches doing what they think gives them best chance of winning?

WC won flag and teams have tried to replicate parts of it, even Pies completely changed their style and the consequence is now they can’t score anywhere near as effectively as ball movement too cautious

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Does he say how many games are actually won by a last qtr surge? As opposed to being all over by 3/4 time or the team leading at 3/4 time winning?


Michael Randall


Hawthorn legend Dermott Brereton says watching a game of AFL is like observing cyclists riding “around the velodrome for three laps” before “making a break in the final lap”.
A pattern has emerged in games this season where teams play cat-and-mouse for more than three quarters before going into all-out attack in the final minutes, which has produced low scoring but close results.
Brereton said Geelong assistant coach Matthew Scarlett was spot on when he said teams had a “defence-first focus” when they had the footy in hand.

“What I’ve heard there is for the first time in 120 years of football a coach of a team, albeit a line coach, talk about ‘we are more hellbent on defending while we have the football then we are on attacking," Brereton said on AFL360.
“And this is the three laps around the velodrome. We are conserving the situation, we’re making sure we don’t get scored against.”
Brereton pointed to a passage of play involving Geelong last week against the Western Bulldogs where the Cats were in possession in their defensive 50 but had up to four players across the backline in case of a turnover.
“We’re going down in the amount of times we’re playing on from kicks,” Brereton told AFL 360.
“As forwards, we love it. Bloke marks it, rolls and plays on. We can read that.
“It’s difficult for the forwards because we want to make sure our back six can defend if we turn it over.”
Brereton said the defensive nature of games was partly to blame for Collingwood ruckman Mason Cox’s form slump.

It’s not necessarily the rule changes. But the AFL haven’t got their high scoring games they were after so they’ll chase their tail again no doubt.

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Next will be that I could see coming is its play on if you kick backwards to a mark. Thus becoming risky to d!ck it around backwards, forcing quicker play on etc and forward movement

IIRC they trialled this in the preseason previously

In all honesty that would probably suit us

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ta - no stats to show how this season compares to previous seasons. Not saying it’s not a thing, and I had a quick through the “difference graphs” (whatever they are called) of the last couple rounds and yeah you can see a pattern there of one side pulling away from another. Would be interesting to know if the 3/4 margins are smaller this season to others.

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I know it’s popular to blame the AFL for everything but how people can not see that coaches have destroyed our game is beyond me.

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