Woosha – final moments or finals moment?

I’ve always maintained Redman is the one who could transition to the wing better out of the two but yes there were a couple of others on here who thought Ridley would be a better fit.
I was staggered at the time Ridley got dropped as for me there were others playing worse


That’s wimpish.

Saw sheeds at the airport the other day looking super fit and younger than I’ve seen him look in 20 years. Could do worse than telling Worsfold to pack his bags and telling kev to see if he can do something for the remainder of the season

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Watch Ridley play against Geelong last season. Amazing. Cool. Calm. I’m staggered more faith wasn’t shown in him.


They must have put a red line through his name. There can be no other reason.

Ridley got dropped for whatever reason and instead of tearing it up he has done nought. He’s given them zero reason to bring him back.


Yes they were
I thought he was fantastic
Showed youthful vigour and aggression

Should have played in the ones a few games

Young skinny player starts season brilliantly, then falls away badly. Happens regularly.

Odd that his coach thinks he does, then.

Team is fine it’s the coach

The week before against Collingwood on ANZAC Day he was very good. Dropped on the back of a poorish performance against the Cats in which he was still far from our worst. Other blokes get gifted games and multiple chances


I would fall away badly if I was dropped for no apparent reason and never to be selected again. I doubt he will be at the club next year. He would be wise to look elsewhere.


You can argue the merits of him being dropped, the issue though is since then he has stunk it up pretty bad in the VFL.


Parish went away and set the world on fire and could no longer be ignored. If you crack the sads because you get dropped then you don’t deserve to be on an AFL list.


I still believe his cards are marked and he won’t be there next year.

The issue is he looks about as likely to win a hardball as me. I have no idea why people want him picked, and I can only assume they haven’t watched any VFL.

If he wasn’t putting his hand up for cheap uncontested passes in the back pocket, he wouldn’t get a touch at all.

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I think we are farked

lol you think?

No thinking required, we just got belted by 100 points by a team not in the top 8.

I haven’t watched him in the VFL this year, but he was excellent last year in the VFL and he looked damn good in the seniors.
So now you have some idea.

Lots of Carlols in this thread.

I thought Woosha’s press conference was pretty insightful - the focus is on the process which is to be the best team we can be. Last night was a mis-step or a learning opportunity for the individual players and team as a whole, but if we want to be playing and winning finals and grand finals we can’t get too hung up on losses - even terrible ones - we need to be looking at the big picture and into the future.

I don’t think anyone could argue that our current team is better than the dogs and we rightfully lost. It didn’t help that some of our better players had shockers. Personally I’m not fussed if we keep Worsfold or move on, although I believe we probably need to be a little more patient than reactionary in our decision making.

If I were to rate Worsfold on his performance this year I would say that we are sitting higher on the ladder than where we should be, and at least some of that credit should go to the coach. I do agree with some of the experts who tipped us to be a top 4 chance (and a few weeks ago we were on track for it too) but injuries, form, and luck have contributed to our results this year.

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