Woosha – final moments or finals moment?


No I was having a go at you, all season you and others have been acting high and mighty and bagging those who have been critical of worsfold. Seeing as it is looking like you have been right this whole time- maybe you and the others can select our new coach, becuase you know- you never get things wrong

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We won 6 from 7. I think clearly last night was different.

We won them by playing a qtr here or a half there. We weren’t playing anything close to 4 qtrs of decent football




That’s certainly cleared all that up then, I guess.

I am not one to comment that often about what Woosha does or doesn’t do on game day based on how he looks. SImply because we only get to see him for the very short moment the cameras focus on him.

However yesterday the commentators and then the after match reporting all said the same thing, he looked like he wasn’t doing much all game except cheering occasionally. That’s a worry if true or maybe a sign of something else.

Why would people who don’t want the coach sacked select a new coach?

I mean I get you’re trying to be funny but it’s not working.

I think most people that are seen as pro Woosha are more just sick and tired of this coaching merrygoround where supporters lump ridiculous expectations on the next bloke and then want him sacked the first sign of turmoil. It’s rinse and repeat same ■■■■.

Other clubs have shown that there is something to be said for backing the coach in, and getting the right support behind him. It’s not as simple as it’s made out to be on here and the role of the head coach is so unbelivably misunderstood.

I don’t even fkn think Woosha deserves all the credit for wins, it’s just fun stirring you guys up because every loss we have it’s almost inconceivable that it wasn’t his fault.


No worries happy to help

Where do you draw the line though. There has to be a point where you say he has done as much as he can.

Which players have developed and progressed? Hard pressed to same one - parish? How enthusiastic are the team?

I have no issue with the stirring, as long as the stirrers expect that they will cop it back at some point.

I give you full credit for fronting up and copping it.

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I honestly don’t even know because the past fortnight is so far off the weeks before that. He’s either completely lost the players, he’s already been moved on or there is an illness going through the club. That’s not really an answer I know but it’s just too difficult to tell, I mean the past fortnight has been really, really, unusually bad that something HAS to be up.

I certainly don’t think we’ve given him the greatest chance to succeed, but I don’t think we’ve done that with any coach since Sheedy.


Please elaborate on that last line. Where do you think we havent given him the best chance to succeed . I would go with medical and conditioning personally

I might actually tune into FootyClassified tomorrow night, I’m expecting Lloyd and Caro to tee off which might make for some cathartic viewing.

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We even ended up hamstringing Sheeds towards the end. Jackson got his hands on the club and we went downhill from there.

Campbell cops a lot on this forum but he has helped as rebuild financially and has also helped the spending in the right areas. He may have some faults but that is one thing he has helped us get right for a change.

Now we just need to fix development, coaching, fitness and recruiting.

I think he and Richardson are doing that too.


Assuming you mean haven’t?

If so, those are two areas I agree on. The medical and fitness staff at our club have been diabolical for a long time cough.

I mean, the assistants as well, we have had a revolving door of average plodders we appear to just be getting right.

Farking Jackson set the rot on this club.


Plus however many draft picks we lost and/or players who’ve left.

It’s taken Brisbane 10 years of consistently picking in the top 3 to get it right.

Lucky the AFL parachuted him into the perennial basket case that is the Melbourne FC. Another example of an executive being failing upwards.

Same applies to Auld at the Gold Coast. The AFL loves promoting “one of the boys” from a manager of an unsuccessful environment to a key figure in helping build/rebuild another mediocre club.

Brisbane are one of the only clubs to get their appointments right, they looked to hire people who played a key part in actually developing a successive environment.

Win - hold fire
Win - hold fire
Win - hold
Win - hooold
Win - hoooooooold…
Loss - fk Worsfolds $hit


Nope, shouldn’t have been extended after the Sydney final debacle.


I think our next head coach will be David Zaharakis in 2022