Woosha – final moments or finals moment?


Because if one of those players banned steps toe onto the g on grand final day you will have everyone from the witch to Wheatley saying anything they want to anyone that’ll listen.

I’m not a conspiratoralist by nature but we’re the only club that’s taken the afl on (by either backing hird initially, or separately by him through the courts later on) and stood by our own assertions. And that was after we did as we were told and fronted up to the press.

They’re not going to let any other club forget who’s in charge, not for the time being anyway.

It’s a fantasy story.

It’s almost as embarrassing as the Save Sheddy people. Almost.

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What people conveniently forget is that there were twelve clubs using supplements. That’s right twelve clubs. Two thirds of the comp. And; we were the only bad eggs.

2001 -2003. Brisbane were using unsanctioned chelation methods and asked to stop.
Look at Geelong and the size and strength of their players with Robbo and Dank on supps.
Melbourne who copped a whopping fine for not tanking and Trengrove’s famous ankle.
Hawthorn using all kinds of interesting stuff. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

And; the Gold Coast Suns, the AFL’s love child. Dank and Robbo cover ups.
And; years before those clubs - West Coke. Ben Cousins openly admitted to using drugs all sorts and never failed a test. Some he didn’t show up for either. Big sweep under the carpet. The worst kept secret in the AFL. Yes, ESSENDON were a very bad club.


I’m still hoping he turns it around and we make finals and win one. I just dont see it happening


Yes my apologies, 15 years then.
I think sheedy at the end of his reign was pretty bang average.

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IMO it’s a bit too early to put a line through Woosha just yet.

The way I see it is it took us a couple of weeks to figure out what we were doing. GWS are a good side and Saints were playing well. Then we got going and had 3 very good wins in a row, followed by losses to 2 very good teams in Collingwood and Geelong. This last game against the swans we should have won but Zac Clarke couldn’t kick. I was happy with the decision to play Clarke so I’m not potting Woosha for that. Doesn’t help that Raz and Daniher and Smack have been missing with injuries. Doesn’t help that Sheil butchers the ball either.

Obviously it’s “do or die” for the players and the coach now, 3-5 isn’t a great place to be but there’s a sliver of hope we could still make finals and we lost 2 games by a kick (and poor umpiring) so it could have easily been 5-3.

Win the next 4 in a row and I’m sure this thread will sink to oblivion - but lose the next 2 and Woosha can fark right off.


Winning the next 4 in a row is a massive ask given Orazio is now out of the picture so Woosha is in for a torrid time - again.

Hird’s return would, I mean, WILL be a lot more successful than this spud :slight_smile:


Imagine he did it during the Bye round just to mess with our heads one last time


More and more pressure needs to be heaped on the club.


Someone who actually coaches and does what he’s paid to do

After 2 disappointing losses to start the season, I noted a discernible change in approach / attitude from the players in the warm up before kickoff against the Dees. There was a sense of urgency. Players were hitting targets. They were slotting goals from i50. Then in game, you could see the hunger as exemplified by Zaharakis’ attack on the ball/player… was this change player driven or a sense of urgency initiated by the coaches… probably both.

Unfortunately, after the Pies game the team have failed to maintain the rage mainly on the back of an impotent midfield and an exceptionally dumb game plan of bombing the ball high into the F50.

Yeah, there are always reasons/excuses like Zaharakis taking time to get over the knee infection (how else to explain his below par output?) but the bottom line remains… 3 consecutive losses and a fearful prospect of dropping the next 2 or 3. Of those 3 losses, there is no excuse that justifies the Swans result and by extension the coachs’ poor efforts.

People talk about a close result. Fact is, Essendon should’ve had control of the game by the third quarter but kept a team, low on confidence, in game and literally handed them the result. The fact players could play at the required level and now can’t, is on the coach. The teams erratic/clunky performance on the weekend, is on the coach. He’s been given the keys to a prestige car and can’t work out the controls. It’s embarrassing…


Not sure we are. Playing with better players that is!

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Players were in full panic mode last five minutes in both the Filth and Ducks games. Both games were winnable had players kept their heads. That they were unable to do so is clearly a coaching issue.

“Orazio is now out of the picture”

Injured again???

3 Weeks out with a quad strain.

What do you mean by your last sentence?

Yep, quad.