Woosha – Rated "Buy"

hopefully not with us though

Ross Lyon is an interesting one. If you think we a close to success you would have to consider him. He will destroy the list but he will get you very close to a flag

might be a bit too long for a thread title

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As much as I want him gone I’ve accepted that he will be here until atleast the seasons end.
I would think that if we don’t make finals (which is very likely at this stage) he will walk.


F= Fail

He won’t walk.


Exactly. It’s a ■■■■■■ long walk from Melbourne to Perth.


He has been over in Perth this week. Refused the invite to go to the Hall of Fame dinner.
By contrast Ross Lyon has been in Melbourne all week.

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He’s competed in marathons so he may be up to it

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Trying to emulate Dave Goggins, no doubt. :wink:

I can never understand the point of marathons.

I would get bored


W = Walk

no ■■■■, pity you didn’t think that before you said it, esp to an obvious pisstake to someone mentioning it’s like game of thrones in here.

why would he walk though ? what incentive does he have ?

this is the only coaching job in any form he would have, there’s low standards to alot around the club for a pass mark for his coaching or team performance.
and there’s a good chance he could be re signed after rd 1 next year if he pulls of a win or bluffs his way through the first half of next year.

Nah he will stay. Hoping for turnaround next season.

Ross Lyon has been visiting family, working on his business interests, and seeking out the newly available coaching job.


Maybe Fark Carlton will throw the kitchen sink at him

You dress up in knights gear and hang out at Kryall castle don’t you?


So, if he wins either of the Melbourne coaching jobs, a vacancy will arise in Perth

Like I said. Go home factor.

Edit: what I am saying here is, many on this thread are saying they want Worsfold out, has anyone considered the possibility he might actually want to go back to Perth and maybe even coach there?

let’s hope you are correct

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Then why sign a contract extension 13 months ago? He has been going back and forth from Perth for a while