Woosha – Rated "Buy"

Their skills are so bad, they will miss.


If you cut off a chicken’s head and let it go it will gain a lot of metres but it is still a headless chook

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Hmmm, team has week off. Coach goes home to see family. Not much to it really.


So it’s Worsfold to Freo and Lyon to FC. I hope that doesn’t mean Bolton to us!


That GIF just gets funnier every loop.

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Puts me on the floor every time. :laughing:

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nice title edit

There are some things that even FCFC are not stupid enough to do.

Yes but at the end of this season when he realises its going to take another 4 years for us to win a flag, he will realise he will need to go home to see his family over and over for the next 4 years.

Win 11 Lose 0 games we finish a top 4 side possibly 3rd
Win 8-10 Lose 1-3 games we finish top 6
Win 7 Lose 4 games top 8
Win 6 Lose 5 probably top 8
Win 5 Lose 6 miss out

What do you think our toughest games are in order? A lot will depend on hamstrings.



Barring a massive form lift I can honestly only see 3-4 wins tops out of that lot.


No way 11 wins will be enough to make the finals. 12 maybe. 13 guaranteed. Really need to win 7 out of those 11 & have a strong percentage. 8 would secure a finals place. I reckon we will make it (just).


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It’s doable.

Must wins Haw, Syd, Nth, GC, WB and Port gives us 6.

Then you have to beat some good sides. It’s pointless to make finals without any wins over other too 8 sides.

I don’t think we will make it though.

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Our historical record in ‘must wins’ is excellent


Which 3 or 4?

Top 6 here we come. Get this man to the lid off thread.

Pies round 23 is my biggest concern.

Love your optimism tho


Swans, Norf, Suns, Port

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Pretty sure Pies did that last year.


The way we’re going, it’ll take four years even to play in finals. Seriously, to win a flag a side needs to be top four at the end of the home and away season. Few have won a flag from outside the top four. To win a flag we’d need to win at least three finals and we haven’t won one since 2004.
I’d like to think I’m being pessimistic, but those are the facts.