Woosha – Rated "Buy"


Love it when people take the time to listen to the chairman or CEO talk, then complain about them talking about off field stuff.


Try to remain positive and think of all the opportunities to grow and learn.

Growings and learnings?

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I come for the wins but I stay for the growings and learnings.


I’m learnings to fly, but I ain’t got wings


Because if they talk about on field performances the players have a sook, and expect an apology.

Considering our record against top 8 teams and the run we have coming up I think even 5 wins will be stretching it.
We’ve played 5 of the current top 8 and been belted by 3 of them.

We all know what will happen.
We will beat the Hawks, w.c away,the giants at home,do the Pies but lose to Nth and Gold Cost as we look back on why we finished 9th.

That wont happen.

There will be a great win as underdogs and bad lose as overwhelming favourites somewhere.

Well if that’s the case, you’ll only get one shot at it.


Coming down is the hardest thing. :wink:

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I was expecting top 6 at the start of the year.
But looking at that draw and our form so far, it’s hard to see anything more than 5 more wins

I note with interest that North (and most recently Carlton - they did smash the Lions - to a lesser extent) are playing a hard edged winning brand of footy, supercharged by a coach giving new life to a team that struggled under the stale messaging of a coach that clearly “lost” the group.

By any definition, Essendon are labouring and have not progressed from their 2017 finals season. You could mount an argument that they’ve stagnated. Sad thing is, Essendon have a talented list (experts agree) that isn’t being utilised to its potential.

Just imagine what a new/inspiring/connecting voice could do for the group? Massive shame supporters have to witness yet another wasted season of promise, crashing and burning AGAIN (!)




Steady on ATE, Bloos have won only their second game, hardly playing any sort of brand of footy.


Indeed. Still…

It’s a dead cat bounce. What happens in 2-3 weeks time when the blues go back to being ■■■■? Sack their interim coach?


One comment of interest in fark Carlton’s was that Teague gave them licence to just play football and enjoy themselves whereas (by implication) Bolton had had them follow strict instructions.

Clearly you can’t have players just running downfield (that’s Knights football) but surely there’s a balance.

Wasn’t there similar stuff said by the Essendon players earlier this year about being able to play freer?

I agree there has to be a balance between following a game plan, which if everyone does as expected is a very effective way to move the ball the way you want. And backing yourself in the moment and playing by instinct. The latter has to be a part of the game plan anyway because you cannot plan for or have complete control of all situations.

It feels players become too concerned about NOT following the expected game plan and will even follow it when the situation does not call for it.

I think you follow the game plan when you have control of the ball. Your team mates set up as per the plan, and you execute accordingly. Good way to control the ball. You also use the game plan when you try and get the ball back, or the opposition have it and you are trying to negate their movement. But the good players will back themselves and play by instinct if the situation says you can.

It becomes badly unstuck when some are following the game plan and other are not, and you have a mishmash as, overall, the team is not in synch. That’s when the finger pointing and hands on hips come out.

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