Woosha – Rated "Buy"

If We cant have Hird.

I would want Ratten or Caracella.
with caracella im a bit concerned about players following him. but he has the brains.

When new coach comes - Sheedy goes, worsfold goes, Harvey goes. Skipworth prolly stays he has 9 lives.

I would move Harvey on at the end of the year. regardless if we keep woosha. Just to bring some new energy to the coachs box.
Im not sure if Rutten has improved us yet, but preseason learnings seemed good.
I would like skipworth to get another opportunity at a new footy club to broaden his development - like Egan did - maybe with Goodwin.

My dream lineup would be something like this
Head Coach - Hird
Assistant/tactician - Caracella
Forward Coach - Nick Reiwodlt
Midfield Coach - Voss/Ratten/ Shaun Burgoyne
Defence Coach - Fletcher/Wellman
Ruck Coach - Peter Everitt



We can’t.

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Shame on you all. Woosha has given us so many learnings over his tenure. so many learnings.


Please share what you learned with the rest of us. I’m interested.

Lets all protest out the front of the club and bring signs saying we want hird.

best coach we have had in 20 years and the AFL ■■■■■■ everything for us.


I’m not sure your math holds up.


The worst thing is, it’s probably Bomber who’s been the most successful coach in the last 20 years.

One season, positive win/loss (12-9-1) and finals. Also that final is the only one we didn’t get embarrassed in.

Crazy, loose Bomber.

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Players would risk injury for Hird and then you have Worsfold. who’s speaches pre game and during qrt time breaks wouldnt make you get out of bed.


People keep saying this but why should we be made to pay more than we have already suffered?

The AFL itself found us not guilty (it was only the very corrupt CAS that used us as a scapegoat to suit their own agenda). So if the AFL found us not guilty why do we have to keep getting punished by them?

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Woosha is a good coach. Regardless of his mid-field WC don’t win a Premiership without him just like Brisbane likely don’t do a three-peat without Matthews.

There is one big problem. Good is not good enough.

We need someone who is willing to innovate in terms of having solutions to what’s happening in a game. Sounds like Coaching 101 but its not easy throwing out an established, pre-conceived plan when the ■■■■ hits the fan. Sheeds at his very best could do it. Clarkson does it. Bomber did it at Geelong. And Dimma has grown into it.

We don’t have that. And, as easy as it may be to throw Woosha under the bus, we need more proactive voices in the coaching panel.

That '17 final against Sydney is the prime example of not having a viable Plan B, C, or D.

We are now almost 2yrs on and have not learnt.


Oh, and let’s please forget about a Messiah-like return from Hird. Its a waste of energy to even dream of that happening, let alone being successful.


We just need to play around with our parameters a little.

20 years ago was 1999, and that coach had a decent record.


Genius!! This such a great play on words, sharp, insightful, wonderful.


A broader look at the AFL coaches ranks is interesting.

I’d say there is only one Great coach atm, noting there is only one multiple premiership coach. Maybe one of the others elevates themselves to Clarko’s level but I doubt it. It’s deffinitly a different reality to the 90’s when you had Sheedy, Malthouse, Pagan, Parkin and Matthews all coaching. Not sure if it’s a lack of coaches or just that it’s infinitely harder these days.

Probable a dozen good coaches.

Then half a dozen unproven or poor coaches.

Woosha isn’t great but he’s not a dud, the stats say we’re probably only going to get a good coach to replace him.


Details, details.

But OK, we’ve been mediocre for 15 years, that’s the meme isn’t it?


Agreed. He is definitely not a dud. And, yes, unless we pinch Clarkson, we will only get a proven good coach OR an unproven could-be-anything coach.


If you were to blame game day and overall gameplan strategy than it should be directed at Harding.

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because we wouldn’t roll over & accept a guilty plea & there are still some of us agitating for action or at least exposing the corruption that the AFL were part of, because without them pushing us into “dobbing ourselves in” (including the Witch hunt they carried out on James Hird for 5 years) they would have had a completion wide investigation by ASADA & the ones found guilty would not have been us!!


And forward structures /tactics I think too?