Woosha – Rated "Buy"


Start of my 3rd paragraph the first words

My brothers best friends sisters uncles best mates brothers best mate is good mates with a few of the players mates. Reckons the players like Woosha, and that they are all working hard to get back on track. See what I did there? I invented a tale to support an opinion. Like yourself I have Damien Barrett capability!

He is doing what Mick Malthouse did to Carlton to us.

Stubborn, outdated coaching.

We will lose young players through lack of opportunity and will set us back 5 years.


Makes you wonder why any of the assistants like Rutten would even bother sitting in the coaches box given Woosha is so stubborn and pig headed and immovable

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This is the real problem

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I haven’t read much on here in recent days but are people seriously suggesting. Sheedy comes in as caretaker to replace Woosha? Really?

I would rather let any user from this site take over instead of Sheedy.


I think Knights may have even scored a geurnsey.

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Seeing as our board are all about corporate speak and nothing else, why not just “performance manage” him so we don’t pay him out. Move him from coach to the guy who makes sure the stationary cupboard is well stocked and wait for him to quit. Give Harvey or skipworth 10% extra pay for 50% extra work and then hopefully they quit too.


If i was getting paid 1 mil a year to manage a stationary cupboard i would never quit. NEVER.


The malthouse/carlton comparison is scarily accurate

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You’ll be surprised. It will take its toll mentally

I don’t think it is that bad. The recruiting under malthouse was also poor, here it is just the coaching. The next coach has more to work with than what Bolton had

I reckon some of the supporters around here are performing worse than the players and Worsfold and his crew.


True. If we land a good coach whose tactics are in tune with the modern game then we are set for success

Abso-fkn-lutely spot on!!! Totally, 100% nailed it.

What garbage.

My niece’s husband has known this player since schoolboy days and moved in the same circle of friends then and since.

I won’t name the player publicly for privacy reasons.

you know what
I actually want us to lose every game from here on out.

we will finish last. Take that matthew rowel kid at pick 1. And sack Woosha in the process.

Might sound extreme but I certainly would prefer that too winning another 5 games, and finishing 9th-11th again.

So just drilling a bit deeper here, did your niece’s husband here this directly from the player himself, or from other friends in the circle?

GWS would be taking Rowel with pick 1.


In case you don’t understand @Yabbie’s post, we don’t have our round 1 pick.