World Cup 2022

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Winners - Brazil
Runners Up - France
Golden Boot - Messi
Australia - 0-1-2

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Drew Argentina and Portugal in the work sweep.

Happy with either to win/place.

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I’ll just watch to laugh at England lose, then when they do i’ll switch off.


I usually just watch games Ozzie is in, plus the finals. This time around l won’t watch a single minute, in protest at the 4000+ workers who have died building the stadiums. Fark Qatar.


With Stones and Maguire at the back they won’t concede a goal, impenetrable I say


Big question is…who chokes in their penalty shootout?

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#prayfor @efc1robbo


Winner - Holland
Runners Up - Germany
Golden Boot - Memphis Depay

Argentina for mine

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Would be the ultimate finale to the current Ronaldo saga

Will wait for the usual unheralded, lowly ranked, excitement machines to emerge and ride that bandwagon as far as it goes.


I looked at the list of teams for quite a while, but golly gosh I don’t care.
I’ll watch some of it, but…whatevs.
Indira Naidoo
Australia 1-0-2

Germany to win.
Belgium runner up.
Golden Boot to Ronaldo.

Croatia will surprise and make the quarter finals.

Winners - I don’t want to say Brazil because it’s such an obvious tip but genuinely believe conditions in Qatar will suit them and a lot of depth in their squad
Runners Up - Would love an all South American final (Argentina) … if not, Germany or France
Golden Boot - Kylian Mbappé
Australia - 0–0-3 (France 3-0, Tunisia 2-1, Denmark 3-0)

That’ll show 'em!

(I agree with the sentiment, but it really achieves nothing.)

Should the thread title be (in true Blitz fashion)…

“World Cup 2022 - Smash them like Qatars”


Pretty sure that’s a fake story.

Winners - Argentina
Runners up - France
Golden boot - Mbappe
Australia - 0-0-3

Winners - Argentina (hopefully not)
Runners Up - Spain
Golden Boot - Messi

Australia 0-0-3, will be lucky to score a non penalty goal

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