World Cup Qualifiers 2021

Kicks off this Weekend.

And not without some controversy.

How could these Pom fans boo their own National side for making an anti racism stand? Turds.

And why TF can’t Flog Johnson just outright condemn it?? He really is proving himself England’s very own Trunt at every opportunity.

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We have enough threads about politics.


Feel free to mute this one then bloke.


Looking forward to watching England ■■■■■ another major tournament up against the wall


It’s been explained so many times why the players do it, Southgate the other day giving a perfectly reasoned account on behalf of the players.

Anyway, looking forward to kicking off the first three nights with Wales, England, Scotland all at reasonable times.

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Just hope Italy collapse. Nothing better in International football!


I’m guessing that Greece is struggling again?

Will be following the fortunes of my beloved Oranje with interest. Unfortunately although we have quite a good group of emerging players in this Netherlands generation, we also have Frank do Boer who IMO is a poor tactical manager and I struggle to see him getting the best from the squad.

Some players to watch outside the well-credentialed stars in the team will be emerging 18 yo midfielder Ryan Gravenberch (if Frank gives him minutes) and Wout Weghorst - who is a a bit in the Cale Hooker mould - a big strong center forward with some passion and who was the force behind Wolfsburg’s Champions League qualification in this year’s Bundesliga.

Will probably take some individual brilliance from Memphis up-front to do any real damage if we make it out of our group. First up is Ukraine Monday morning our time.


Can’t see many getting passed France. Clear faves in my book.

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Portugal will be a force too.

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Now where’s that dislike button. There has to be a dislike button. Come on mods give us a dislike button.


Who do Greece have in their group?


I guess this is only on optus?

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Belgium look good

Group F - France, Germany, Portugal and Hungary

Group of death

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What do you mean again??
Nearly always!
Just a useless soccer country



France v Germany first up in the group stage, geez that’s final worthy.

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Waiting for @efc1robbo to find this thread, his support of In-ger-land is always worth the price of admission.


Such a tease

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