World Cup Thread 2018

Predictions and general chat

Winner: Germany
Runner Up:france
3rd Place: Brazil
First big team ousted: Argentina
Golden Boot: Diego costa
Where will Australia Finish: group stage. 4 points, but miss out on goal difference
Dark horse: Poland

It’s sport.
So yay for that.
I look forward to pretending to care until Australia is knocked out.
No knowledge so no predictions.

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Winner - Brazil
Runner Up - Germany
3rd - France
Golden Boot - Antoinne Griezzman
Golden Ball - Neymar

Prediction - England to struggle to get out of their group and will get knocked out via penalties. England fans to burn effigies of players.

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Winner: France
Runner Up: Brazil
Dark Horse: Croatia
Suprise Group Stage Elimination: Russia
Suprise Group Stage Progression: Australia
Golden Boot: Firmino
Player of the Tourny: Griezmann

Winner: Brazil
Runner up: Germany
3rd place: Argentina

Russia won’t get through the first round. Australia won’t kick a goal all tournament and at best scrape a point against Peru.

Oh and SBS predict 2.5m to watch Australia v France, which would be amazing


I don’t really follow it until around this time every four years (yeah I’m that guy). But during that few weeks I’ll get up most nights to watch a match or two. And I do love watching the Aussies. Watching the Uruguay shootout at Fed Square is easily one of the most memorable moments of my life


This is nearly the same for me, except:

No knowledge, so Australia to win!


Spot on.
I do have questions around the surprise group stage calls you made.

  1. England not progressing, is that a surprise or expected? Otherwise Russia, yes I agree.
  2. I would be a lot more than surprised if Australia get out of the group stage!!!

Russia have Uruguay, Saudis & Egypt.

Russia should (on seedings) get through, but they’re not that good it’s a certainty.

Uruguay should be short odds IMO, unless Salah goes absolutely berserk & Russia string it together

Uruguay and Egypt to get through

Winner: Spain (fingers crossed)
Runner Up: Brazil
3rd Place: France

I am in Spain for all of the elimination games so they better make it through the group stage!

No, I don’t know why they adopted the word “championships” instead of the usual “cup”.

They don’t have a cup for the winner?

Sorry must of worded that badly. Australia getting out is my prediction for a suprise

No I agree with both of your points. I rate it higher than a surprise. Shock & awe.
And I was having a dig at England. Because they are England.

So which team/s will be this Cups, “Cameroon”?

(For those that don’t recall, … Flash & Fun to watch,… creative as all get out, but will likely not make it out of Group Stage….)

I just think that 4 points is enough from our group. Denmark is the one to get. Draw Peru and for the love of god dont get utterly ■■■■■■ by France


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Doesn’t Robbo know how to start a thread in the right place?
Just for that, hope England get knocked out in the group stages

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