World Cup Thread 2018


Tears galore. Personally even though I’ve got money on the French to win the tournament Inwould have loved to see Belgium get up seeing as though we have the next 8-10 days in the BENELUX area


Dembele, Chadly and de bruyne poor as they gave away the ball too much in the midfield.


Gee Lukaku was poor


Yep, didn’t help that their midfield was poor aswell


Family connections to Belgium so it was disappointing
Still, they did well.


Make sure you get to Brugge



Cos of the swans. It’s like a fairy tale.


Lol, … One more …


Was he going on to you about the ‘alcoves’ as well?


@rossoneri not confident, and think England will win . Happy and excited to be there. Will be a great game. All my current calm and logic will be gone later though, then England will be diving cheats and have paid off the refs


We are. Another night in Luxembourg City before making our way over there with a couple of stops along the way


If Croatia win I’ll buy a top and you teach me the national anthem and I’ll sing it


If we win the game ill post the video of me singing it in my top on Youtube.


Not just your top, … right??


Depends how good the win is.

It might not just be me, i can imagine the cro club will almost burn down if we win based on the volume of flares alone. Actually if we lose…


Nice article with some history on the Aus-Cro football linkage.


Surely you Cannes do better than that. Just Eze up because the Grasse is always greener…


Great fillum! All three lead characters were great. Bet Ralph Fiennes had a ball, swearing his head off like that. Could have been mistaken for a Grog Squad member.


Is that why you waffle so much?