World Cup Thread 2018


Dier made a real impact last time he was subbed in … Hopefully he does similar.

…aaand a Corner from him already.


And so near again!! FK!!


Great defence on the line by Croatia


Croatia trying to park the bus and get it to penalties. Not sure it will work, penalties nothing more than 50/50 Russian roulette


Ball was clearly over the line then


Allllll the 'ics


Looked it up the other day, suspecting it was the Croatian version of “Mac” or “Fitz” meaning Son of …X.

Is correct.


Lot’s of talk about the “younger” team, without acknowledging that the older team has probably had the best chances, while the younger team has relied heavily on pure luck to survive.


Yeah, … whilst they should have more legs, … they also seem at this point to have more nerves as you might also expect from the lack of time.


Croatia have looked the far more likely to score; they’re actually able to set up in open play to look like score a goal. Can’t say the same about england.


Big surprise


OH faaarrrk


Oh my


Gooooalll Croatia


No surprise there. I started watching 23 minutes in and Croatia have looked far more composed and far more dangerous in the front half.




I knew it. Serves us right for sitting back in the 2nd half.

Overall I’m happy that we got as far as we did, but it’s gutting to go out at this stage. We won’t score now


Today I am G.Clarkic.


Don’t celebrate yet, but I reckon your good.


Fark off
Going to be sunk by one of my favourite players