World Cup Thread 2018


Well played Croatia. Absolutely deserved to make the final, have been brilliant all tournament. @BomberMik, go have a beer or 3


Well done, Croatia!


Congrats BomberMik, can only imagine how you must be feeling!


Black and red!


Well done Croatia

And so end my interest in this World Cup

When you sit back you deserve to be punished. Just give France the trophy now


Serves England right…tried to milk the game after scoring early on and never put them to the sword. John Stones shows why Guardiola doesn’t play him after falling asleep for Mandzukic’ goal.


Croatia didn’t get the memo that they were the team supposed to run out of gas.
It was the other way around.


God i love being right :smiley:


Last man standing Southgate certainly stays, has virtual Hero status already with this, … England a Very good chance of going further in 4 years time.


Hopefully France rout them in the final but simply not good enough from England. 1 legitimate shot on goal over 120 minutes is pathetic. The English back 3 looked very flakey again aswell but not helped by the midfield constantly losing possession


Rashford was absolutely dire - offered nothing and was well covered by their defence.


The future is very postive for England. Thats a very very young squad, they’ll be back


Not saying the future doesn’t look bright for England but in the end who did they really beat?
Whether or not a win didn’t benefit them against Belgium they still lost.
Now they’ve gone out against Croatia.

Sweden are hardly a powerhouse.




My local butcher is going to be a very happy place this morning.



World cup still out buying milk and cigarettes.


It’s a great day for all Australians.

I’d love to be in a pub in London, watching them all turn on each other. Glorious!


Dejan Lovren empties his pockets:

  1. Wallet
  2. Phone
  3. Keys
  4. Harry Kane