World Cup Thread 2018


There’s no guarantees once they’re corrupted by the club system. And the English public
cynicism kicks into gear again.


Footballers* coming home.


I think it got lost.


Is England even a nation?

Team Great Britain

Make up your minds.


Hate that England lost, what’s worse is I’m now copping flack for supporting them. From Italy supporters. ■■■■■■■ hell - they didn’t even qualify.


Mandzukic :heart_eyes:


It’s Spurs Cup


Woke up in time to watch extra time in the game

Gee that was an easy goal to get into the final

So long England, no sympathy you got annoying quick


This may have been England’s chance. Many will now go back to their club teams and barely play, sitting behind the foreign players at their club. This may have a huge mental impact as well. After making the semi final in Italia 90, they didn’t even make the next World Cup. There is no Guarantee Southgate will even be there for the next World Cup either.

Reality is they will never get a dream draw like that again. They snuck in against Tunisia, spanked Panama (as they should have), lost to a subsitute Belgium side, beat a Colombia team missing their most influential player only on penalties, beat Sweden who were not very good and finally lost to Croatia and deserved to. They played two good teams in the tournament and lost them both.

Of the 12 goals they scored, 9 were off of set pieces. Southgate did a great job at motivating the boys, but tactically I’m still not sold.


Just got home. Wow amazing game. England controlled the first, us the second half and extra time. The equaliser really seemed to shock them.
Was an enjoyable game.
Can’t speak, there were a lot of tears, hugs and a bucket load of flares, inside the club and out.
Thanks for all the support and the non supporters…

Now onto the frogs!


How about all the poms coming out of the woodwork the last few days!

Any Australian with English parents, have become patriotic and proud of their heritage overnight.

Back into your hole where you belong.


Not overnight thank you, always back England! This is just the first time in my memory that they’ve actually done well haha.

Speaking of which, who knew there were so many Croatians about. They’re the real overnighters here.


The Croatians always have good support in Aus, there’s actually a heap of them in Melbourne


If Croatia win you could have scenes reminiscent of when Greece won Euro 2004. Massive contingent here. At one point about 4-5 of the Croatian national team were born in Melbourne. LOL!


and how many kids of Croatian parentage have played for Australia; more than Poms I bet.


There’s more Croatians in Australia than in Croatia apparently!


It’s not coming home?


Check the article I posted above. Not sure about that one.


Depends where you live I suppose


4m in Croatia, Aus community is fairly large. I grew up in melb so know that one more, however it’s plenty large up here in Sydney.