World Cup Thread 2018


It is. It’s just that home is either in Paris or Zagreb.


People like having a team to support to maintain interest. England’s an obvious choice for many, myself included. Couldn’t give a toss they’ve been ousted though.


Father in law goes on about the '66 side at every opportunity. Was hoping England got up just to freshen the narrative.


I’m still in pain after losing to the skunks last Sunday.
Yep I wanted England to win but will sleep nice and easy tonight after they didn’t.


52 years of hurt, doesn’t stop them dreaming


As someone who was born in England and is a committed Francophile I was facing a difficult choice.

Not any more.

Allez les bleus!!!


Lol Tottenham team…


The French seem to have managed expectations pretty well so far. Hopefully we get another butting incident similar to the last time they made the final.


Hmmm, over 4 million Croatians or their sprouts here in Australia

Here is a list of their own Soccer Teams.

Canberra FC
HNK O’Connor Knights
Sydney United
South Coast United
Kralj Tomislav
Hurstville ZFC
Dalmacija Sydney
HNK Edensor Park
Werrington Croatia
Brisbane Knights FC
Gold Coast Knights
Gold Coast Adriatic
Adelaide Raiders
Whyalla Croatia
Adelaide Croatia Vukovi
Glenorchy Knights
Melbourne Knights
St Albans Saints
North Geelong Warriors
Dandenong City
Irymple Knights
FC Strathmore Split
Gospic Bears
NK Bunker
St Albans Vukovar
Wednesday Knights
HNK Mostar Melbourne 1980
Western Knights
Fremantle Croatia
Gwelup Croatia

The games back in the day between Melbourne Croates (now Melbourne Knights), Footscray JUST and South Melbourne Hellas were worht the watch for the crowd “interactions”.

Croatians invented flares at the soccer I reckon and their support is crazy.

And I should add, that back in the 1970’s being a Labor person handing out how-to-votes in any area that had a Croatian population was dangerous. They didn’t like left wing politics very much.


I’m not anti-France at all, but I want to see the Croats win. Amazing achievement for a country of only 4 Million people to make a WC Final. Smallest country, population wise, to make a WC Final since Uruguay 1950.


Hugo is going alright.


One of my parents was born in England but would drink a cup of broken glass before I supported them. They would have been insufferable had they won it.


Yeah, actually not my point. Jono had said English supporters just started overnight, I said I’d noticed it more with the Croatians.

Obviously varies based on who people know, but when I see people posting “I’m so proud of Croatia, what an amazing achievement. Means so much” blah blah blah even though they’d previous sprouted off that the World Cup was the most boring piece of ■■■■ and they can’t wait for it to be over, I get a bit annoyed.

Anyway, I’m just bitter. And as such, I’m on the France bandwagon.


Like Richmond winning a premiership?


Pleased England have failed again!


As disappointed as I am that we are going out, I am have loved watching us at this World Cup for a few reasons

  • we came with a squad with nowhere near the same talent as previous squads, but they played as a team not as a bunch of individuals

  • unlike previous teams, they showed no fear in playing their way, when things went bad they did give up. See the Tunisia and Columbia games as a perfect example

  • we WON a penalty shootout, never thought I would see that

  • our striker lived up to his reputation

Couldn’t be prouder. Bring on the euro’s!


I hate that in every sport.

Melbourne Cup is notorious for it.
Or after the AFL grand final. How many Richmond, Bulldogs or Sydney (in 2012) supporters come out of the woodwork. When they have never mentioned football before, but then after they win… they’re partying it up, and telling every other supporter to shove it.


Exactly that! It ■■■■■ me so much!

I can understand picking a team to make the game more interesting but gloating about the win to actual opposition supporters? Drives me mad!


An annoying thing is people picking up on a sport just for a big event and then complaining about it or becoming an “authority” on it for a couple of weeks. I’m not an avid soccer fan and try to comment within my knowledge.

How many passers by were complaining about how soccer would be so much better if it weren’t for the diving in your Facebook feed?


Just on this point it’s interesting that you are saying Kane lived up to his reputation. I might be a little facetious but are you suggesting he doesn’t stand up in big games? I only say this becuase he failed to score in the quarter or semi finals.

Scoring 6 goals in 5 games at a World Cup is a super effort, but if you take away 3 penalities he has scored 2 goals in the opener against Tunisia and then 1 against Panama. Did he go missing when needed, especially in the semi?