World Cup Thread 2018


True, …

@theDJR, … any chance of shifting this one into the Sports bar?


I think soccer is definitely much more gibberish than sport, but OK.

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There’s no way to disallow it unfortunately.


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This is me too. I study up hard during the WC and watch a stack of games and become an expert by the end, swearing I love the game and will keep following the leagues. Then I don’t watch anything for another four years.




Winner - Belgium
Runner up - France
3rd - Brazil

Best smokey - Uruguay

Australia get a win against Peru but no other points.
Hope I’m very wrong.


C’mon folks, … I need to know who to tune in for early doors, and am relying on the Blitz knowledge base … we have Egypt, … any others??


I’m betting that Lygon Street will not be as busy this World Cup.


To be fair i think I AM the blitz soccer brains trust. Check out the central Americans. Panama, Costa Rica and Mexico. Mexico could go very far.


Roos going to the WC as Asia’s highest ranked nation.


Those rankings make 2022 an even bigger farce a team that at the time will probably be ranked no higher than 80 will auto qualify


World cup should have been taken off them, it proved beyond doubt how deep the corruption was in FIFA.

But that’s a discussion for another day


Having said that russia are the host and lowest ranked for this one. Down in the 70s i think


Yeah baby


FIFA clearly anti LGBIQ-whatever. Illegal to be homosexual in Russia and Qatar


Nothing will ever be better than his second goal against Japan in 2006. Great goal and commentary captured it perfectly.

Mates and I were studying for exams at that time and went nuts that night


Just like to point out that Cameroon got out of their group and should’ve beaten Engerland in the Q/F. :stuck_out_tongue: They were robbed.

It is still one of my favorite all time W/C’s.

I reckon Senegal & Peru will be real surprise packets.


How good was Rashfords goal this morning?

Also ■■■■ that Brazilian real Madrid ■■■■ that injured Fred.


Winner - Australia
Runner up - Russia
3rd - Japan

Golden Boot: Archie Thompson