World Cup Thread 2018


Interesting warm up game results from others in our group.

Denmark beat Mexico 2-0, Pery held 0-0 by Sweden and France couldnt get passed an unqualified USA 1-1 at home.


Are Viduka & Kewell playing?


I hope there was betting available on that last warm up game them goals looked so suss


Wow… I forgot our 3 goals came from 84th minute onwards. Such an astonishing game… especially when we were resigned to going down in typical ‘robbed’ socceroos fashion wit that ■■■■ japan goal that should have beena freekick to schwarzer…


That was a great night, the crowd closing down the Flinders Street intersection afterward for a round of flares was awesome


Yep, I lost my ■■■■ when they scored and thought I was going to get evicted. Sitting amongst a sea of Japanese fans wasn’t ideal either. It made it so much sweeter when we won as either side of us their fans were crying and just sat there in total shock


The Croatia game although a draw was just as good.

Was on a v line train to work at the time and the conductor was giving a live call over the P.A


I am going to be in Europe from 18 June onward, (was in England during the 2006 World Cup in Germany) even though I am not a huge fan, I do like the World Cup and the atmosphere in England was pretty good…

It’s going to be good to watch the matches at reasonable times. Hoping our guy’s do well.

I will be in Spain for the final, so hoping they get through as reckon the atmosphere will be great and would like to be part of it.


Australia was pretty poor in the friendly against Hungary.
Ryan saved embarrassment in the first half, Arzani put Australia ahead, then both sides exchange very ordinary own goals.


This is kind of the reason I just can’t buy into the Socceroos.
For the twenty years I’ve (not) watched them, most (not all, but definitely most) of their goals seem to come from a metre out, or by accident.
If they scored from the edge of the box with a shot that tails into the top corner while the opposition keeper dives despairingly, then I reckon I’d watch more.

I’m sure that opinion will annoy.
It’s not meant to.



Above goal notwithstanding I kinda get your point wim. We’ve been a pretty ordinary team for close to a decade and we seem a fair way off improving to be honest.


I think the Socceroos need their losing to fark Carlton moment. I think we’ll need to miss WC qualification before any serious changes are made to the way game is run here.


Disagree. Missing a WC would spell big trouble for the code here. Just getting to the WC provides momentum and spikes in junior numbers. We are never going to be a powerhouse in World Soccer and getting out of the group stages occasionally is probably the best we can aim for at the moment


So I just discovered the BBC & ITV have the exclusive rights to the WC in the UK, and will be broadcasting it all for free, … some through their online streaming platforms, … and all you need to watch it, is a UK IP address.

Now if there was only a way we here in OZ could somehow have one and make it seem like we were there, … :thinking:

EPL 2017/18 Thread

Don’t have a shower, drink your beer warm and complain a lot…that might trick them.


The optus app is pretty good if you’re not a cheapskate


Italy is not there, so Germany will win.


I’m still stunned Sweden rolled them out of it


Italy either win world cups or are utter trash in them (or don’t even qualify!)