World Cup Thread 2018


Off to coach Real


Curious timing


King David De Gea to Real Madrid then. No fax machine will stop him this time




Barca players probably wouldn’t listen to hin


Lol. Who thought Spain would win the World Cup?


Why wouldn’t he wait til after the WC to make the announcement? This was never going to play out well on the eve of the tournament.


Real Madrid are more important than the Spanish national team


Fail to see how this should warrant being sacked. Obviously being appointed RM is something, however he is surely professional enough to do the job in Russia?


They’re probably ■■■■■■ because he just signed an extension on his contract and has reneged.


I blame Ramos. He got bold taking down Salah and is now positioning himself to be the playing captain/coach of the national team!


USA, Canada and Mexico to host the 2026 WC.


so do all three get in by default?

thats a little controversial.


with 48 teams in 2026 WC, I hardly think it matters!


what is going to be for the format of the tournament? 8 pools of 6 so everyone plays 5 games in the first round?


No idea.


16 groups of 3. 2/3 go through.
then too
round of 32 knock out.
round of 16



Hierro should rule with an iron hand.


Insanely short-sighted decision by the Spanish Federation. Lopetegui isn’t the first coach to make such a move. I recall Van Gaal doing so too. The issue was the timing / logistics of the announcement and that personally ■■■■■■-off the president of the federation.

I still have faith in the system and youth-development Lopetegui put in place over 2 years, 14-wins, 6-draws, 0-losses.

Lets see. Vamos!