World Headed for next Major Extinction Event

As long as the Desert Rain Frog is alright.


Frogs are indeed ■■■■■■, any sort of large land-dwelling predator is ■■■■■■, large tortoises and turtles are ■■■■■■, river dolphins all over the world are ■■■■■■, any creature that is dependent on a shallow-water coral reef is ■■■■■■, most dung beetles are ■■■■■■, as are most bees and the plants that depend on them. Hell, probably draw a line through 50% of all insects, pesticide overuse and landclearing will ■■■■ them all over. Sharks and tuna and swordfish and anything else at the top of the marine foodchain is ■■■■■■, sturgeon and cod and any other fish that’s a major commercial fishing target is ■■■■■■, and once they’re gone, all the second-choice fish will be ■■■■■■ in their turn. Eels and salmon are ■■■■■■ through wetland clearing and damming and river overuse. Orangutans are profoundly, profoundly ■■■■■■ and will all be gone in our lifetimes except for a couple of sad lonely bastards in zoos. Gorillas too. Giraffes and rhinos and polar bears and kakapos and komodo dragons, all of them ■■■■■■.

Here in Australia, flying foxes are ■■■■■■, quolls and bandicoots and woylies and tuans and pygmy possums and gliders are all ■■■■■■. Dozens of varieties of native bush mouse are ■■■■■■, as are a bunch of different types of wallaby. Numbats are ■■■■■■, cassowaries are ■■■■■■, tree kangaroos are ■■■■■■. Even koalas are pretty ■■■■■■ as well. Tassie devils, ■■■■■■. And don’t get me started on birds, most of them are little brown guys who 99% of the population can’t tell apart so nobody really gives a ■■■■ how ■■■■■■ they are. The orange bellied parrot is publicly well known to be ■■■■■■, but there’s dozens of varieties of wren and finch and flycatcher and parrot and seabird that are just as ■■■■■■ as it is. Even something as recognisable as the willie wagtail is pretty critically ■■■■■■.

When you watch it happening, it’s enraging and maddening.


You should write children’s books.


and The Last Jedi proved it

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I do believe there was a gentleman who offered to take the brunt of the heartache involved in this cull.
but a bunch of do gooders just couldn’t live with it, sadly for all of us.



George Carlin.


Have a look at the Amazon rainforest on google earth. Look for the odd patterns in the trees. Zoom into those areas. The mass clearing of that ecosystem is very very obvious.

Watching the Our Planet series on Netflix with my 7yo was an eye opening experience. Every question about “Daddy, why is this or that happening?” had to be answered with “'cause humans are ■■■■■■■■”.

The only, slight, piece of positivity was watching what happened in Chernobyl once all humans left. The ecosystem regenerated at an astonishing pace.


Just think off it.

We get to witness one of only 6 times that we know of in the earths history of mass extinctions. A once in 80,000,000 year occurrence, what a time to be Alive.

Mother Nature - “finish your civilisation and fk off”.


You were hoping for some “end of the world” action weren’t you???

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If most bees are wiped out, we will also be in very big trouble because there are 100 crop varieties worth about $560 billions pa that depend on bees for pollination.

No pollination, no fruit, no crop, nothing for the people to eat on Stupidity Street.


The world is fine. It’ll sort itself out. Humans only worry about humans. The sooking over climate change is basically about what happens to humans.


Until we figure out a way to stop the mass population growth it’s only going to get worse.
Can’t see it ever happening unfortunately.


We are not headed for it, we are right in the middle of it.

We’re always in an extinction event. Life will adapt and prevail. We may not though.

True but this is a “mass extinction event”. we have polluted the fark out of this planet, altered its climate acidified the oceans and destroyed land and avian creatures habitat. There’s a fundamental judaea-christian-islamic lack of respect for other species and even for the species we predate on and farm.

Without knowing much about the relevant texts, I’m fairly sure they all do mention to some extent the importance of all life (not just human). Happy to be enlightened otherwise.

Chris fight!!!

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While i despise religion, i’m pretty sure this is a human problem, not a religious problem. I think it’s more important to get our ■■■■ together as a whole rather than point blame at groups of people.

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