World Headed for next Major Extinction Event

The thong has ended…

But the malady lingers on.

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There’s a cream for that

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I used that that time I had strawberries growing out of my blurter.

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Probably best thread for it. I’m hearing a story circulating through park ranger circles that a logging company in Tassie knowingly cleared out several active Thylacine habitats in the early 10’s in central tassie with the knowledge that if they went public with the discovery would have immediately rendered the area protected. This has become known as emails regarding the course of action leaked and a select group of rangers have been tasked to go back into the area to find remains of habitat.

The company basically showered the area in 1080 and most likely cleared any carcasses but these rangers are habitat experts.

Rumour among wildlife circles is that surviving thylacines have been an open secret among tassie wildlife rescuers and park rangers for a while. The people who knew or had proof kept it quiet to avoid attracting attention to a very tenuous population. I never really believed it to be honest (and if that was the plan it’s beyond stupid, the only endangered animals that survive are the ones that get as much attention as possible). But frankly, tassie logging companies (and a lot of people who work for them) are sociopathic dregs of humanity and nothing they do would surprise me.


Yeah, that’s why I was in no way shocked to hear it.

Were you talking about a Company who name is a match for a rifle.

My niece worked for them in Tassy and they virtually could do and did what they wanted without much restriction from the Tassy Government in those days. I am talking about a decade ago. Even old growth forest not a problem. Used a lot of poisons to get rid of animals. She couldn’t stand it and stop it, no one was listening to her so she left and moved back to Victoria and stopped working in that area and changed careers.

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I give up, which rifle ?



I thought 1080 poison didnt kill OZ native animals just made them sick . also

They circle burned as well


Many years ago I was at a meeting with Forestry Workers Union before it merged with the BLF. The current national secretary was the Tasmanian leader, and I was struck about how little they actually cared about forests. If you tried to engage them on sustainable forestry they just sneered and bullied. The view seemed to be that it was not their problem, even if it was pointed out the once all the farking trees were gone, so were the jobs that fought for. Gunns was their absolute ally and any environmental action was viewed like a death in the family. That said, hard to believe that your original post is not a widely known disgrace.


Not really, chopping down a old tree, frowned upon but as you said, they can live with that , knowingly poisoning the poster animal for human caused extinction. They’d work pretty hard to keep that quiet.

I can tell you all where John gay lives if you like.

We saw the same thing with the union over Adani. Jobs are the only thing that counts.

It’s why Labor’s environmental credentials are so flawed.

Reckon the voters showed they agree with jobs as well, especially in that part of Qld.

Reckon the voters are mongs who chose to ignore all the independent advice about how few jobs would actually eventuate vs how many would get lost in both states tourism industry


Yep, just another of the joys of democracy.

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Frankly, they are just following in the long tradition of sociopathic Taswegians and their genocidal campaigns.

Of course, mainlanders don’t have much to brag about either.