Worst On Ground: Essendon vs Fark Carlton

Seeing as how you don’t want to vote for best.

3 Hurley. Didn’t have a man. Still got beat.
2 T-Bell. All his taps to the wrong team. Gave nothing around the ground.
1 Stringer. Could have given you three.
Pick up your bottom lip and at least try to pretend that you give a ■■■■.

hm…Zaharakis. You got the ball this week. Well done.
Now try not stopping every single run we have whenever you touch the damn thing.

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Now this is my kind of thread

  1. Bellchambers
    2… Zaka

Apologies to stringer and Langford And hooker who were pathetic as well

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2 Hurley

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3 bellchambers
2 Hurley (should have let him go to the bulldogs)
1 whoever refuses to play Parish in the midfield

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Stupid thread


The 3 worst in any order was Tippa, Ham and Snelling. They may as well have not been playing.


Sadly, all these blokes are experienced. Clear out our whole list from anyone over the age of 27, except Heppell. We will be a better team otherwise.

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Match committee for selecting TBC and Zaka.

■■■■ that start with Heppell

Langford? You peanut.

  1. efcrobbo

We were all good.

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Yeah he did well on Cripps, but did nothing when he had the ball. Multiple times didn’t bend over to pick up the ball, instead went with his foot

Have you watched Richmond for the last five years? That’s what they do.


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  1. Bomberblitz servers
  2. Whomever selects Bellchambers every week
  3. Anyone responsible for Casboult

Worst on Ground??

Well, ESSINGTONNNN of course.

It’s actually staggering how nobody even wanted a bar of David Cuningham tonight. Even in the third quarter after having a blinder of a first half, he was by himself at a forward 50 stoppage and was almost free to kick a goal. It’s unacceptable how we continually underrate opposition forward lines and lack discipline to lock down at all costs.

Hooker has to be worst for his appalling effort in the last play.
Zaka second worst
Hurley third. All great players who have sadly come to the end.

You really hate him mate