Year in review - 2022

You can include the coach, board etc. but, Including the players because they get away with poor efforts (except Shiel who got singled out)

Things to look at:

  • Defense, went backwards this year:
  • Ridley: Can’t defend one on one
  • No Key backman
  • Need another Key forward
  • Hind and Mcgrath are not rebounding defendes
  • Harry Jones is not the answer
  • Stinger: worried he might be on the way down
  • Defensive efforts of 80% of the team

Status quo:

  • Forward line, no improvement, but was expected because we didn’t recruit in this area and the forward coaching looked lacking.
    -Shiel: bad first half and good second half. Let’s see how he starts the next season.
  • Merrett did all the right things but is he a leader on the field.
  • Draper. I think he is on the up.
  • Nic Cox, injury aside, looks like he doesn’t want to be out there.
  • Caldwell, was okay but not the hard working tough-nut we expected.

What went well

  • I’m putting the midfield here but can easily go in any category.
  • Redman
  • Guelfi
  • 2MP
  • Durham, Martin, Ambrosio

just bad.

I love the club. 38 years of membership. I just want us to be ruthless again. I want success as we all do


■■■■■■■ dogshit.

And ■■■■ Carlton.

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Threads not gonna go well.



Would reflect the year. Hence, the title.

Just a question after seeing the media and opposition supporters pushing Clarkson to North Melbourne and now saying that we need to stick with truck, do you think it’s a case of they are begging for what will keep us in the wilderness for as long as possible? I remember thinking this myself with some other teams like Carlton, I wanted to keep David Teague because i knew they’d be ■■■■, also a nice bloke though.


Our season was over at quarter time in round 1



Pro: pick 4, 22 (less norfs priority picks and other stuff)
Massimo, Martin,Durham,Perkins,Hobbs,Draper , Caldwell, 2MP, Redman for starters all took leaps and bounds - we have found plenty of players. Congrats recruiting team.

Cons: inconsistent football, missing finals football, lack of consistency , weak onfield leadership.

Senior players played so poorly when finals were up for grabs. Season ending injuries to Nic Cox.

What we should have been working on this year removing the gap between our best and worst footy didn’t happen.

It got much much bigger.

Just really disappointing to after playing north Melbourne finish the year like the team did.

For no seeming rhyme or reason. It’s not as if GWS or Port (although both seem to have played well since we played them) are substantially better football sides than those we had previously challenged.

I suspect that when we play good sides which are a bit complacent we can play up to them, but when we hit motivated sides we get hammered.

I think that’s conditioning.

The year (ending in 15th) is exactly what I expected.

What I didn’t expect is to see us raise the white flag so often and get pumped starting in round 1 and ending the year as well.

Our management sucks. From their lettuce leaf internal reviews to screwing up consulting the coaching and playing group of the Clarkson interview and the subsequent media circus as a result.

It took the heat off the players but killed potentially a decent coach.

Also flick Heppell, he’s done. :call_me_hand:


No changes for mine.


I go into the off-season, not even knowing what we should be looking for or expecting. I hope we finish last next year.


I hope we finish last forever. That’ll show the board.

Don’t think so. It’s obvious we are always looking for a short cut. It’s time to stay the course .

The only thing that hasn’t changed a lot is the board and the way the club is run.

Nothing will change until that changes


Do you honestly think players give a ■■■■ what is going on at board level? They probably don’t even know who’s on there. Generally i mean excluding this week.

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You would be surprised about what players care about. Especially if they can see the holes themselves.

I’ve been a senior coach and club president.

I was very surprised about how much the players cared about what was going on at board level. Looking at how can the board improve the club etc. Making us accountable for the decisions we made.

Even at a country club level what happens affects wether they stay or go.

And there is always factions who never like the coach no.matter who is appointed. The reason being they don’t like looking at themselves in the mirror and realising they are a major part of the issues


Where do you start with this season. All I’ll say is the inaugural Essendon team of 1872 would be turning in their graves if they saw the club 150 years on. The top priority in the board’s agenda tomorrow should be to never repeat this season and never mention it again. It was turgid.

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Hurley’s goal
Board spill

Everything else.