You Tube D*ckheads

Gaming d*ckheads specifically.

I get why these dorks do it (although have zero respect for the endeavour) but I can’t come to terms with why tween boys like to watch other people broadcasting themselves commentating whilst gaming.

I despise the entire sub-genre and that dork with the blue hair in particular. I’m going to fight him if we ever cross paths.

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What about PewDiePie?


I think sometimes you have to accept that some things aren’t meant for you.


I reserve the right to want to fight anyone of any generation.


Cool cool.
LMW tries to tell me about The Ten and I nod and smile and think they sound like a bunch of wankers to me, but that’s as involved as I want to get, and why would I say that?
She gets it.
I don’t.
And that’s…you know, normal.
I never tried to turn my parents into…I dunno…RHCP fans.

RHCP? Is that the hospital you work for?

Royal Hospital of Chirnside Park?


They’re d*ckheads.

Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of content they watch that is pretty cool, Dude Perfect for example or the bloke who does the Rice Bubbles ad but the whiny, over the top commentating of the gaming dorks is a bridge too far.

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I think Diggers and Dr Disrespect would get along well.

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So… ever checked out twitch?

Have I?

Diggers can have his old-ish man indignation, and PewDiePie can have his millions and millions and millions of dollars

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Yeah, if you think YouTube gamers are it they’re the tip of the iceberg…

My dignity is worth more than what they can earn in this lifetime and the next combined.

I’ve read your stories… that seems unlikely.


Hey, I didn’t ask Alannis Morrisette’s band to… you know.

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You have just described my son to a tee. When he is not playing the game he is avidly watching youtubers doing the playing screen capture of themselves playing.
I’ve had to curtail his screen time because it drives the rest of us up the wall.
Having said that, if he played football and was just as avid about watching footy vids is that the same thing?

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We put restrictions on screen time also. Can be a challenge to maintain sometimes.

I don’t let my hatred of gaming dorks prevent my lads from watching them. When it’s their time to watch, they get to choose the channel however, I do block the ones who feel that they need to swear in order to emphasise the action on the screen when they must know that a significant number of viewers are young people who can do without the language. Them and the screechy, whiny ones. Headphones or choose another channel.

PewDiePie earns 12 million a year. Your dignity must be really really really good

Isn’t yours?