Your Cup Pick (or other Spring Carnival tips)

I’m going to be boring.
Cross Counter and Vow and Declare.

At very long odds, I don’t hate Steel Prince.

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Boring as well - Finche


Magic Wand.

I reckon a horse will win it.

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i got a irish horse in my sweep

Rostropovich. $67

so a bit of a outsider.

Finche ALL IN!!!

I once took a trifecta on the cup.

Picked the winner outright, selected 5 horses for second and 22 horses for third.

First and Second got up and it was a dead heat for third.

Doesn’t matter I thought, I just get it twice - except the two horses that ran third were the only two I never had.


Just remember that Gilligan McGuilty has a share in Neufbosc.

Prince Of Arran
And a 6 horse flexi trifecta

Surprise Baby. (A complete amateur pick but getting it on record incase it gets up.)

Which horse was it last year that was wandering round the mounting yard with a full hard-on ?
Sword of something

Don’t care if it’s slow as ■■■■, or a can of dogfood now, pick that one.

Southern France

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Sword of Sausage???

My picks - Trifecta of Mer de Glace, Constantinople and Latrobe. And for the record I am clueless when it comes to horses.

Klawdy’s special day will win the Cup. :wink:

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Have Mer De Glace in the Melton Cricket Club sweep

And they’re off in the Cup!

Not on Channel 7 wtf??

At least there’s no Bwuce!! That’s a win already right there.

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You’re welcome.

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Damn it,… had $20 on 3 Master of Reality, … just pipped at the post.

Paying ok for a place though, … but would have been $31 for the win fark!

Was on 7mate
Vow and Declare
Aussie victory