Your Cup Pick (or other Spring Carnival tips)

Not here. On TEN. (Win)

Dettori you clown

That Williams fellow has an odd, odd head.

I think he’s wearing someone else’s skin, and it’s way too big for him.

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Does your sweep pay out for last? If so, you are on a winner

Bit of a poor day on the punt today. Picked up a couple of small wins on the earlier races but did my dosh on the Cup

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Sure Knee was my favourite win of the day, because it never once suggested it was weighed down by my money.

Well, … fark that then. We was robbed!!

(Not really, once I saw the replay I knew it was stuffed)

Money back on Sportsbet.
Which is nice of them.

I feel bad for people who were staring at a $4k trifecta collect for an hour.

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No such luck with the TAB.

Had 8.3% of the trifecta, about $400…until overturned.

We had a great day.
Small group putting in $10 a race as well as $10 per quaddie.
Got both quaddies in at small Flexi percentages but still was fun winning them.
And a few winners throughout the day.
One of the girls won the first four in the cup - so she was stoked.

It’s a good day when you come out in front and have fun doing it.


I’m one of them :cry:

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I nupped.

some guy turned a tenner into 800k

Had the bookends (picked winner of race 1 & 10) but not much in between so ended the day slightly up. I was super keen on IL Paradiso & I believe it could have won without the interference not to mention missing the start. That would have made it a big day.

yep but only get $$ back put in.
lucky last

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Lol, we were looking at that one - a sign maybe?? (didn’t do anything though)

Gil’s horse, Neufbosc, well placed - fourth last.

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