Your First Car - Throwback Thursday!

Datsun 1600 with reconditioned 1800 engine and full rally setup all around.  Fantastic car.  Also had a stereo setup that cost more than the car.

'76 XB Fairmont. 250 straight 6. Brown, two-tone stripes and beige vinyl roof. Bonnet vents.


Installed my own speaker under the console that used to fall out all the time so I'd drive along with one foot holding it in place. Lost the boot key so carried a screwdriver with me everywhere as a replacement. Used to be able to sit in the engine bay to do work on it, not that it ever needed more than an oil change and radiator fluid.


God I loved that car. Miss it so much :(

White GTR XU1 Torana


Got pulled over so often I ended up selling it; and regretted it every day since.

1972 Datsun 180B - safari yellow (more like baby poo brown). Took a 1973 Celica for a test drive that week. Fat tyres - Canary Yellow - went like a rocket. The old man wouldn't let me buy it (since he was paying for it). Hated the Datsun... heap of ■■■■■. It started to fall apart 3 months after I'd bought it. Went out for takeaway pizzas one night and had my arms full trying to carrying them so I nudged the door shut. The door dented and the window fell out. Once I tried to get it over 140kmh on the gippsland freeway. Got it up to speed and the muffler fell off and the fan belt broke. Had it a year.

1972 Datsun 180B, but red with a black roof.
Carburettor and electrics were disgraceful, fragile as f**k, window fell out and it was gutless as all get out. Mate went up to the old Turf Club to get some beers and nearly got cleaned up on Dandy Road because it was so gutless.
And some people told me what good cars they were.

A red one of these bad boys



1977 LX Torana, ex sales rep car that had 129k km on the clock.
It was white with two thin red stripes along each side (worth at least 10kph extra), three speed column shift.....had it for 15 years before I sold it to a wrecker for $100 (which I used to buy 6-7 new CDs)


Had this huge aircon set up under the glove box...I got the dealer to take it out and replace it with a cassette radio player....dumb decision as the one they put in was a piece of crap and I replaced it a few months later (but had no aircon :( )

1983 Ford Laser Ghia hatchback. In startling white!

Daewoo Cielo 1994 model

Get around me ladies

1966 Galaxie Country Sedan, the dumbest thing I've ever done is sell it.  Would buy it back if found...

1978 Suzuki LJ80 4x4

What a pile of crap it was.

Don't forget the colour ppl!

Anyone else get the feeling Soulnet is social engineering our password reset security questions?


Green and White   1964  EH station wagon 179 grey motor

1994 Honda Legend



The back seats reclined!!!



Reclined man!!

Anyone else get the feeling Soulnet is social engineering our password reset security questions?



Anyone else get the feeling Soulnet is social engineering our password reset security questions? I have fond memories of my 180B.

A red one of these bad boys

Lol, that's the one Wimmera was banging on about isn't it?

1980 Alfa GTV, ferrari farking red, black leather interior. Loved it too, had it for 10 years, second gear would crunch a little bit.

Must have been an Alfa thing.
Yeap back then almost all of them did it, didn't matter what model. But if you looked after it and drove it just right it didn't get worse.
Gave the car character, you can tell by most posts people took pride in their cars, that's missing these days. Cars today have no soul.

1980-ish Audi 100.
The day after I bought it I drove half-way up the Black Spur. You know that dynamic ‘slow down‘ sign before the right-turn bend with the negative camber? That‘s my corner.
Therefore, for all effective purposes, my first car was therefore a 1992 Magna wagon (the last of the square ones). Boring, but better brakes (actually, better in all aspects but the boring bit).