Your First Car - Throwback Thursday!



white vl turbo



maybe this should be in the secret shame thread. 

1992 Toyota Corolla. Bought it off the old man when I got my P plates, lasted until around 2010 when it had an unfortunate collision with a concrete wall and came off 2nd best.

1993 Audi 80 2.3E. Manual, straight-five engine, black metallic paint. I've had it for about five years - still going!

1976 Valiant Safari Station Wagon, it had wind reflectors on the back window.  

1977 Honda civic. But learnt in Datsun 120y when I was 8.

1981 CM Chrysler Valiant…the very last model of these old beasts. Base model 245 ELB six cylinder, column auto, painted in Spinnaker White with white vinyl roof.

Jeez it was a great car, still pine for it today.

1967 Ford Cortina 240, red 2 door, 1500 cc, with slightly wider wheels.

Bought it for $ 600, around 1979, 

Sold it for $ 50 scrap, around 1992.

Went okay, apart from the ring gear on the starter motor jamming. 

My first car was a gorgeous canary yellow 1978 Datsun 120Y. I had it 5 years and never had it serviced or put oil in it. It went like a dream. Bought it for $500 and sold it for $1000. Ace car!

Alright - I know I'm late, but it took me ages to find the pictures. So back off alright!


XB Falcon. $200, and a pile of work went into making this shitbox roadworthy and driveable. Had a nasty habit of lurching to the left at times, which we eventually realised were due to the front suspension bushes being completely and utterly shagged. 



I drove this as a 19 year old for approximately 6 months before some dimwitted L plater took his daddy's 4WD for a spin to his mates place, reversed down the driveway without looking, and T-boned the quarter panel at the back. 




Fun car. 

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1978 Alfa Romeo GTV white.  Gave me a lot of trouble but also a hell of a lot of enjoyment.

1973 XB Fairmont. 250 6 Cylinder. Canary yellow. Played cricket with a bloke who was a motor trimmer so got all the vinyl seats re-done in a stripey wool/acrylic type material. Schmick!

Rust bucket Panel Van

I ■■■■■■■ loved that car

76 TD Cortina - ran it till it stopped running. Don't think two panels matched at the end