Your Top Ten Favourite Albums If You Were Stuck On A Deserted Island


Ok Computer - Radiohead
Skylarking - XTC
Heaven Tonight - Cheap Trick
Weezer (Blue Album) - Weezer
Colour Of Spring - Talk Talk
Stoneage Romeos - Hoodoo Gurus
Place Without A Postcard - Midnight Oil
Jesus Hits Like An Atom Bomb - Tripping Daisy
Abbey Road - The Beatles
Trompe Le Monde - Pixies

Honourable Mentions:
Sleepless - Ups & Downs
Cheap Trick (1976) - Cheap Trick
PG3 - Peter Gabriel
Wish - The Cure
Together Alone - Crowded House
The Pretenders - The Pretenders
Troublegum - Therapy?
Dusk - The The
Flood - They Might Be Giants


Nah, it’s hard, and both ‘Check your head’ and ‘Ill Communication’ are vying for a spot, but ‘Paul’s Boutique’ is the classic album for me - in the context of BBoys and my top ten. Fugazi is even more difficult - I love, ‘Red Medicine’,’ Killtaker’, and have come to love, ‘End Hits’ as much as the early stuff - of which Waiting Room and Two Beats Off are all-time favorite songs, but I’m trying to make to my desert island list as wide-ranging as I can - and I think, Steady Diet, is the best ‘album’, in terms of the band and my overall choices… That’s what I like about this thread - it’s very hard to decide.

The one that will drop out, as much as I love it, is Electric - falls into the top 20.

■■■■, I haven’t even managed to fit Meantime or Betty, in there… they have to beat, Electric. Don’t know what I was thinking?


Ok I’m going to give this a try

Pearl Jam - Ten
Nirvana - In Utero
Soundgarden - Superunknown
Regurgitator - Unit
Jebediah - Slightly Odway
Blink 182 - Cheshire Cat
The Beatles - Sgt Peppers
Chilli peppers - blood sugar sex magik
Foo fighters - the colour and the shape
Lagwagon - Trashed

So many awesome albums missing out but these would be the must haves.


No Chickenfoot III ?



Blood Sugar Sex Magic, is very close to a perfect album - which says a lot, because I actually hate a lot of the RHCP’s music - but the final percentages make the difference. Just outside my top 10.


I’m not a huge fan of theirs but there are so many great songs on that album.


Love all that but would say Marching To Mars is a better album.
Love Eat’em And Smile from Roth also.


I’ll try, but it would appear I need to move with the times…

Cosmic Psychos - Go The Hack

Jello Biafra with D.O.A. - Last scream of the missing neighbours

New Bomb Turks - Information superhighway revisited

Mudhoney - Every good boy deserves fudge

Fugazi - Repeater

Bad Religion - No Control

Will have to come back after a sleep


Was a favourite of mine when it came out and I played it to death. Now they bore me to tears and I think it’s largely the singer.

Anyway, I don’t know if I can do a top 10, but I’d have a Tom Waits in there somewhere and probably SRV Texas Flood.


Blues for the red sun is better.


Was glad to see Love appear on another list and I could have listed 3 Go - Betweens albums. The Chills are criminally under-heard but I’d put Martin Philips in the same company of any of the greats of the modern pop era. These are all albums that just don’t have a duff track on them to my ears.

Go Betweens - 16 Lovers Lane
Love - Forever Changes
The Chills - Submarine Bells
REM - Automatic For the People
The Police - Regatta De Blanc
Elvis Costello - Imperial Bedroom
XTC - Skylarking
New Pornographers - Twin Cinemas
Ride - Nowhere
Blur - Parklife

Honourable Mention : Big Country - The Crossing


I really can’t see any change to my list from nearly two years ago.
Maybe Red Sails, The Swing and Two Minute Warning would be up higher now, but I’m fine with my top ten.

I tend to listen to new singles rather than whole new albums now.


Hard task but here goes;
Bollocks Pistols
Powerage ACDC
Rocket to Russia Ramones
I’m Stranded Saints
The Real Thing Faith No More
Case of the Shakes Dr Feelgood
In Color Cheap Trick
Closer Joy Division
Rose Tattoo Rose Tattoo
New York Lou Reed
I tried to make sure i had albums that i could listen to cover to cover , enjoy!


Motorhead - Another Perfect Day
Iron Maiden - Death On The Road
Deep Purple - Made In Japan
The Rolling Stones - Sticky Fingers
Rory Gallagher - Irish Tour '74
Judas Priest - Sad Wings Of Destiny
AC/DC - Powerage
UFO - Strangers In The Night
Derek and The Dominos - Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs
Ten Years After - Live At The Filmore East, 1970


High Voltage - AC/DC
Live And Dangerous - Thin Lizzy
Absolutely Live - The Doors
1984 - Van Halen
Unplugged in New York - Nirvana
Dizzy up the Girl (Aust Edition) - Goo Goo Dolls
Adore - Smashing Pumpkins
Welcome to Wherever You Are - INXS
Gold Experience - Prince
Rock Dust Light Star - Jamiroquai

Apologies to about two dozen artists


This was tough, but here goes.

Electric Light Orchestra - A New World Record
Fleetwood Mac - Tusk
Kate Bush - Hounds of Love
Beethoven - 8th Symphony (Herbert von Karajan)
REM - Automatic for the People
The Bodeans - Joe Dirt Car
Icehouse - Primitive Man
The Mavericks - What a Crying Shame
Paul Kelly - Songs from the South
Paul Simon - Graceland


Forever Changes is the farkn ■■■■


Saw the Chills a few times in AKL in the early 80s - probably '82.
Then a few years later with a different line-up for Love My Leather Jacket.


You get my vote - Sign o the Times and the White Album on your list. Bravo


I thought I did this last year but apparently not. This is tough because many of my most favourite bands were strong singles bands (New Order, The Smiths, The Jam, Buzzcocks, The Cure) yet I only wanna include proper albums. Here goes:

Gang Of Four - Entertainment!
The Clash - London Calling
Slowdive - Souvlaki
This Heat - Deceit
Pixies - Doolittle
The Frank And Walters - Trains, Boats And Planes
Built To Spill - Perfect From Now On
The Cure - Disintegration
Tom Waits - Rain Dogs
My Bl00dy Valentine - Loveless