Your Votes Ess vs FCFC

  1. Smith
  2. McKenna (over 600 metres gained which must be close to a record. Can he please also teach Heppell and Hurley how to kick)
  3. McKernan

Honourable mentions to Orazio, Ambrose (if Hurley had played on Curnow he would have kicked 10) and Zaharakis (16 contested possessions is nothing to sneeze at, would have to be a PB).


3 - Smith - 13 tackles
2 - Zakka - 16 contested
1 - McKenna - opening goal and prepared to take the game on




Plus 1


Coaches Votes

9 Patrick Cripps (Carl)
9 Ed Curnow (Carl)
6 Matthew Kreuzer (Carl)
2 Dyson Heppell (Ess)
2 Devon Smith (Ess)
1 Charlie Curnow (Carl)
1 Dale Thomas (Carl)


So following that, Our Coach gave only one of our guys 2 votes, as did Bolton.

Wonder who gave to whom?


Progessive Vote Tally vs Carlton Round 8
Devon Smith 109
Conor Mckenna 41
Shaun McKernan 30
Orazio Fantasia 18
David Zaharakis 16
Cale Hooker 15
Dyson Heppell 7
Brendon Goddard 5
Patrick Ambrose 3
Jayden Laverde 3
Mason Redman 2
Darcy Parish 1
David Myers 1
Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti 1


Am I too late?

TBC ( yeah I know but his hit out rate was good.)

special mention to Mason Redman. I don’t remember seeing him but someone gave him 2 votes!!!


Haha Redman. Will have to find out where that came from in my spreadsheet! To be fair Goddard has managed to get 5 votes and he was as invisible as Redman.

And no you’re not too late.