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Drafting MCG as the first Canadian #1 has paid off in unexpected ways.


Ken Block is always a favourite of mine.

Made in 1977, this is a one off, one hour or so show, with John Cleese as Sherlock Holmes. The humour is laboured in places and these days many of the jokes are laboured, but towards the end you can see characteristics of Basil Fawlty begin to emerge. I last saw this in 1978, it felt funnier the first time around, but that probably had something to do with what l was smoking at the time.

Now this is someone you would like in your corner when it came down to the crunch.

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As a fellow old guy of roughly the same vintage, i was looking for an old Wodehouse teleplay called Uncle Fred Flits By…I didn’t get the one i expected but happened on an old Ian Carmichael/Dennis Price episode of World of Wooster…they’re pretty much all gone in the way of so much old BBC/ABC stuff. I also got a David Niven version of the story which was very faithful to the story from his Four Star Playhouse of short teleplays. Also watched a Peter O’Toole and Richard Briers version of Heavy Weather. O’Toole is a miles better version of Lord Emsworth than Timothy Spall in Blandings. And the old Ralph Richardson seeies is gone too.

Lots of nostalgic stuff.


For those fans of big V8 engines and Can Am cars. This is an historic race held at Long Beach California, and the cars look as good as they sound.

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Not sure where to put this but this will do.
Ever tried putting your hair in a pony tail with one arm in a cast? I broke my arm recently and had just about given up when I went searching the internet and found a truck load of fascinating and, dare I say it, inspiring videos.

Have to admit I mostly tried and failed to emulate these women and had to rely on the assistance of my better half but the vids made my day. Try it and discover it’s not as easy as it looks.
PS I’m out of the cast and have fair movement back now but I have a new appreciation of how people adapt to circumstances. And, no, I never even considered a haircut!
PPS And yes there are vids of men doing it too, but for some reason I prefer the feminine touch.

McCauley caulkin recreating home alone in 2018.

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For those interested, Mustang Wanted is releasing his latest video filmed in Kuala Lumpur at
9am tomorrow ( january 1st ) on youtube.

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If you are scared of heights , don`t watch this.

This is pretty cool. A big monopoly game with real money.

No idea where to put this but if you’re a snooker tragic like me you’ll appreciate it.
Not a competition match but allegedly the first recorded maximum break by a woman. The pockets might be generous but it doesn’t really matter because she appeared to middle every pot and her cue ball control is elite. All after a nice snooker on the break. Only 19 and already 8 in the world.


That was brilliant watching, ta, man!

I go to a pub/bar and sink the white ball 8/10 (within my first two shots) and the black one the remaining 2.

anyone else watching Chubby emu… These are great… worth watching them all and subscribing.

Latest Vid from my cousin, doing adventures in Tasmania, worth a watch, please share.


Come across this bloke on YT. Greg’s kitchen. ■■■■ I can’t stop laughing at the food he makes, an absolute parody on cooking shows. Absolutely brilliant!

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