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A video showing how great the year 1994 was in popular culture!




Got up to the bit about 'Ellen' and then cleared my cache. Rubbish ruined it.


Nice. How did you get the piano on the boat?

Not a boat, a quadcopter







One  of my favourite Seinfeld scenes...




Another great Seinfeld scene....




Yep, absolutely some of the finest minutes on Seinfeld.

Not sure how the other actors kept a straight face ?


How cool would it be if more of those Seinfeld-esque conversations happened at work or in real would make life a bit more tolerable and less boring.


Surfing filmed with drones





Brilliant !


I like this old song but I have never been able to understand why the writer felt it was necessary to include the adjective article "a" each time the lyrics say "a contact with you." Personally I think the song would have much more impact had it just said "And we'd like to make contact with you." The "a" cheapens and weakens the impact. Leaving it out would not affect the rhythm at all, you just pause slightly before saying contact. It works. Thoughts?


She was a pretty girl, Karen Carpenter. What a sad end she had. Poor girl was a victim of anorexia. R. I. P.


A video showing how great the year 1994 was in popular culture!






This might have been on here before, l don't know, l haven't followed this thread very closely since l was without a VPN for a long time. Anyway l came across this a couple of weeks ago and thought it was not only funny, but also pretty accurate.