Zaharakis... the old Stanton

What is going on with him. Been very average this year. Spends most of his time whinging at team mates rather than having a look at himself. I expected big things this year but he has been average at best

Front runner.*

*I haven’t seen tonight’s game but I’ve formed this opinion previously.

Honestly I reckon he's a bit of a front runner.


I've been saying it for a year and a bit now but haven't said it on blitz because I know I'll be shot down.. He's able to show up once the game is won but he's no where to be found when we need him. Apart from that purple patch he had in his best and fairest year he really hasn't shown enough to warrant the respect and admiration he gets around here.

Can’t get his own pill. Has always been an outside receiver, but clubs have wised up that he’s our best distributor going inside 50 and is getting close attention.

Like Deledio, looks great when it’s going ours/his way, but he needs to be able to break the tags or be able to win his own footy.

Front runner.*
*I haven't seen tonight's game but I've formed this opinion previously.

I have to agree with you. I think the b and f win a couple of years ago has gone to his head a bit. Admittedly had some injuries but looks very one paced and that pace is slow.

Isn’t putting in enough effort.

Only runs when he is a chance to get the ball off someone and let’s his opponent do whatever he wants.

I thought he used the ball better than any of our other midfielders tonight, which is an improvement on past weeks where his disposal efficiency has been down.


But he's playing too reactively at the moment, waiting for others to feed him the ball and not trying to win it enough himself.


Needs to stand up next week, I'll back him to do it.

god help us if Ben Stockbroker finds this thread!

Extract a digit.

He played better tonight but hes still lacking effort.

Isn't putting in enough effort.
Only runs when he is a chance to get the ball off someone and let's his opponent do whatever he wants.

That is a metaphor for the whole team ATM.

Does not seem to have any of the zip he had prior to his major quad(?) injury a couple of years ago... seems to be very one paced now, and that one pace is on the slower side, making him far less damaging as an outside runner as he is much more easily closed down - meaning even the disposals he does get are under far more pressure, and he does not have the tank of a Stanton type to compensate with gut running.    I think the added pressure has now become perceived for him as he seems to be much more fumble-y than I remember him being too.    Also, labours (and I think I am being kind here), defensively - probably our biggest 'cheat' defence-wise in the midfield.


Still has a few people behind him in the midfield pecking order, so may even be coasting a bit.  Needs to find something extra in the next couple of weeks.  If Essendon are to go deep into September, it's guys like Zaharakis that need to find the next level.  Is a class player and I will be backing him to turn things around.

Played better tonight but still room for improvement.

pull ya head in zaka

on the bright side, he SHOULD in theory do well next week, anzac day specialist

Just so far out of form at the moment. Like his mates just doesn't take the game on.

Doesn’t do enough defensively. For a guy with pace how many guys does he run down?

He’s the guy that we’d take the ■■■■ out of on Blitz if he played for another side.

He's the guy that we'd take the ■■■■ out of on Blitz if he played for another side.

Was just about to type the same thing. 


Would be bagged mercilessly on here if he played for another team. 

I'm afraid there's some basis for criticism.

He appears to be confused in his role. Tries to win the ball in packs only to be retarded or easily stripped of it & not swinging by enough to crumb effectively.Watched him give up the chase on two occasions when his opponent was still gettable.

A run inn the magoos & a clip from Bomber are in order.