Zak Jones don't make plans for 2018


Not normally a fan of paying overs, but if it means I don't have to look at Marty McFlyweight then I'm good with it.


But we want one who won't be a liability overhead, or robbing the forward line to play.


Looks like we are making a play for Johanissen, with Zak Jones being our Plan B.
we need a HBF replacement for Kelly IMO. Dea/Gleeson/McKenna are not up to it.
& McGrath needed forward. McNeice could be a Baguley replacement, looks more of a stopper than attacking HBF.

I guess hope is Long May come on as a HBF. or McKenna improves by the end of the year, he has pace and is a good kick, just has a few areas of his game to tidy up.

Dea may be better if we have 3 tall defenders so he doesnt have to play key position, it would be nice to see him in that team, as at the moment he looks poor.


To be honest, if we could get them at a decent draft price I'd go both. Assuming we finish around 14th (had pick #5, #23 and #41) maybe give up all three picks for Jones, Johanissen and the Bulldog's first (say #18). It would probably cost in that range to get both players, but you've immediately given the team a huge boost.

That all said, I have no idea why Johanissen would leave the Doggies at the moment.


If we have pick 5 and don't take best available U18 talent, I will be unimpressed.


It can work in your favour to not do so. Especially if you can get a ready made player that is a must have for your list and a pick back as well.

Like Saints pick5 - basically into Carlisle and Gresham. Both now in their best 22.

Gaining a 20-24yr old player whose already had a number of years development and proven themselves helps push up the ladder faster.

Depends how far along list rebuild you are as to whether do it or not.

JJ and pick 15 off Dogs for pick5 is a no brainer IMO, especially if that pick 15 then got used on Hopper for example. Two insta-best 22 players.

Dogs would want more though. Gleeson would end up in mix as a replacement HBF.


According to BF Brodie Grundy having dispute with Pies. Been offered new contract but won't sign until coaching situation clarified, not happy with current setup.

Contract talks have now been put on hold.

If he dislikes Bucks I like the cut of his jib even more.

Get him.


We've only got room on our list for one man bun, and Hooksey has bagged it


I'm a buns man.


Unfortunately, as your example illustrates perfectly, what Essendon supporters dream up in trade scenarios and the reality are usually disparate.


Colyer ?


Didn't he get rid of his?

You're living in the past, man!


Ha ha, .. Noonan telling an 18 year old he is living in the past, .. that's funny.

Caleb Marchbank (Carlton): Averaging the fifth most intercept marks of any defender, the perfect defender for the modern era. The backline is finally taking shape.

Would have been handy addition right now as 3rd tall defender if he'd chosen us instead of Blues.

We may have to go looking for another if Francis stays fwd.


Zak Jones for our second round pick in the mid 25s I'd be satisfied with that. Hopper and GWS second rounder for our first pick would be juicy too.


Wishful thinking, we are going to be giving up a bundle to get Jones, Hopper or Johanisen.


Hawks gave up pick 14 and exchanged 2nd round picks with swans for Tom Mitchell who had proven himself a vastly better player over a number of years than Jones has. Mitchell leads the AFL for possessions at present too.

We will have a high 2nd rounder, it's more than sufficient for Jones.

Also remembering we lost Hibberd for a 2nd rounder as well.


Previous trades are irrelevant as overs/unders trades happen every year, and often have their own circumstances. The Swans may have given Mitchell up relatively cheaply due to the salary cap, or they may not have and they had other reasons. And I don't think I need to point out why we couldn't play harder in the Hibberd deal.

Jones was pick 15, is only 22 and is just staring to blossom into a ball winning midfielder with speed. A second rounder will not do it.


looks like Reid certain to go end of the year as a restricted free agent.
That may be enough to free up cash for Jones to stay.


Yeah I agree.

Jones is right in that bracket you don't want to loose players, prying him out of Sydney is going to take $ and allot of convincing Sydney to give him up.

Hopper likewise, highly rated at GWS, pick 7 in the draft with a couple of year development where he has shown a bit. GWS are also contending so for him to jump it's going to be $$.

I'd be surprised if we get both without giving up picks 1 and 2 this year and next years second plus maybe a player.