Zombie Abbott eat brains, become suppository of wisdom. Urrrgh

Video game cover zombie identified for it’s striking similarity to the former Prime Minister.

The twitter comment about eating the onion is chuckle worthy.

"WHEN first-person survival horror game Outlast hit the shelves last year, it was met with great reviews from the critics.
The terrifying game revolved around a freelance investigative journalist who was set to explore a dilapidated psychiatric hospital situated deep in the mountains of Lake County, Colorado.
After arriving, the protagonist learns the remote psychiatric hospital has become overrun by homicidal patients.
As the character is incapable of combat, players must survive the mayhem by navigating the rugged environment with parkour or by using stealth.
While this sounds enthralling, the most impressive aspect of the game is that the zombie on the cover has a striking resemblance to former prime minister Tony Abbott.
The eerie resemblance flew under the radar after the game’s release, until an eagle-eyed fan pointed it out on Twitter.
“Is it just me or does this cover art for Outlast on Xbox One look suspiciously like Tony Abbott? Spooky,” wrote the Twitter user.

The game was developed by Canadian-based company Red Barrels and it is unknown if Abbott had any impact on the inspiration for the artwork.
This didn’t stop Twitter users from speculating with some hilarious responses.

Both the office for Tony Abbott and game-makers Red Barrels have been approached by news.com.au for comment."

Braaaaains oniiiooooonsss

Better looking IMO

Topless and obviously in budgie smugglers too.

Ha ha. But ears aren’t sticky-out enough.

Maybe they photoshopped that to avoid being sued.

Great thread title BTW.

Good likeness.

Good likeness.

Surely there’s no doubt it’s based on him.