#1 Andy McGrath hates chocolate


I thought that was Joey? No wait… Franga? We can only have 1 number 1 player in the AFL unfortunately.


I think you are forgetting Fanta. I mean Shiel.


We could always ha e the Hird vs Voss vs Buckley debate that was all the rage in the late 90s early 2000s but this time about Pidge vs Franga vs Joey.


Edelman, often.


If i were to guess a ceiling for McGrath in his career it would be something along the lines of 3 x AA, 2 x B/F and a top 8 finish in the brownlow.

He has a lot of talent. It’s hard to judge so early in a career.


And captain


And 10 time premiership player.


You left Tippa out


I can’t wait to be disappointed.


You seem to be there most of the time anyway.


I recall an APS game v Haileybury that they had to win to end up on top. Terrible footy conditions. Blowing a hurricane and super wet conditions. Moreover Haileybury came out breathing fire. Shaw started him as on his usual position, HBF but BGS were flat and having trouble dealing the conditions and the pressure. Then Shaw put Andy on the ball and that was the end of it. He turned the tide of the game.


It’s interesting to consider what we do with Merrett if McGrath really blossoms as a centre square player alongside Shiel. You’d think structurally they’d like one bigger bodied player in there.

Obviously with rotations Merrett will get more than his share but I do wonder whether they might like his left foot a little of the congestion coming off a wing.

Our most effective centre square feet might be stringer, Shiel, McGrath with all 3 capable of running clear.

Then b, C, d combinations like

Hepp, Merrett, Zaha

Langford, parish, tippa

Myers Smith Fanta


Is it common to have distinct centre stoppage groups?


I wouldn’t say so, I think you always see a fair bit fluidity, but most sides of a A team


You are starting to worry me alex.

Stay away from anything sharp


Not always, and obviously not clearly distinct given the chaos of an actual game.
But coaches, & I’m really talking about Essendon as the only team I watch that closely, do seem to have preferred pairings at least.
The third player is a bit more fluid.
For example last year I’d say preferred combos were;
Myers and Parish
Heppell and Zach
Stringer and Tippa/ Fanta

Smith seemed to feature in several preferred combinations, as did Langford.
Obviously you wouldn’t see a combo of Langford Stringer & Myers, though I do remember seeing a deliberate small combo of Smith, Zach & and McGrath/ Tippa a few times late in quarters/ games


I’m a chef




It’s a cutthroat industry.


Never struck me as very sharp.