#1 Andy McGrath hates chocolate


He needs to be a tad cleaner with the ground balls when under pressure, there were a few time where he looked a bit rushed.

He still has plenty of room to improve.


He is clean but sometimes ■■■■■ himself when he’s really not under that much pressure.

Once he gets some more experience he will notice he has more time and be super clean all the time


Which can only be a good thing. If McGrath stayed at his current level we’d have a very good player. Thing is, it’s only his 3rd year and it’s clear he is driven to get better and you know he will. He should be a great player for our club.


Tracking nicely.


Loves a goal.

Imagine a world where you could use him in Bags’ role? He’d be the best defensive forward ever.


Love Mcgrath, I hope he adds a harder edge to his game in the coming years too.

probably the only part of his game that is missing atm is that hard tackling, grunt side.

Im sure if he was playing permanently on ball he would be averaging 25 touches a game but thats not his role atm.


Would not trade Andy for Clug ever. We picked the right kid.


Yeh im happy thus far with the pick. Mcclugage has class but you don’t find many with the speed, agility and skills of McGrath.

Danger didn’t hit his straps until 4th year or so. Comparing coz i reckon he and McGrath are similar in their speed, agility etc. Might need a few preseasons to get the fitness base to repeatedly perform at the level


it seems what set them apart from each other after their interviews with the club was what was between the ears. From what i heard, Dodoro was blown away by the kid. GWS apparently had the same thoughts on him.


Was actually his 5th year


GWS had him penned in on their HBF for 15 years, they wouldnt have been too happy when we started showing interest with Pick 1.


they would’ve had a few players penned in for 15 years who are now unpenned

we just got him without going via the trade week route


I prefer to imagine a world where he’s got the tank to do what he does in 4th quarters for all 4 quarters.


McGrath is obviously a different player to all the below but it shows some players I think he shares some characteristics with.

I’ve chosen 6 midfielders of similar size, Zerret, Judd, Murphy, Shiel, Neale and Ablett. Murphys younger years were actually fantastic. Ablett obviously spent more time fwd and McG more time back than others.

Selwood started at half back and at the time was probably considered to have played the best first 50 games of the last 15 years.

And Merret.

Who is off the charts.


Merritt’s third season, wow. Murphy was one of the higher rated #1 picks I can remember- just got carltanked



Of course 2016 was a unique situation - Zerret was the main man, an opportunity McGrath doesn’t have this year because Zerret/Sheil/Heppell etc.


Clug has him for size from what you see on screen, he’s a good modern mid size. They’ll both be terrific


May be repeating what has already been said, but he needs to clean up his kicking in a big way IMO. Some of his kicks were pretty inexcusable. Apart from that he is going pretty well


I am pretty sure he was straight into midfield, was their 4th most productive clearance player in his first season (in a handy midfield!).

But a good post.


So proud of my boy xx