#1 Andy McGrath hates chocolate


It’s a good thing we won our games by 150 points this weekend, because McGrath just said on Seven that he “hates” chocolate.


If only DODORO would recruit a goal kicking mid…


I know we hear that Andy is a model citizen.


He also has a slight case of the little bit weirds I reckon…

For a guy who screams leadership he didn’t even know Shaun McKernans brother played AfL (Corey was a star) and said he wanted to run BHP Billiton which is a ■■■■ business.

He is an odd cat.


Yeah those goals are horrible.


He lived in Canada and his father is a partner at PwC.


Corey finished playing in 2004, Andy moved to Aust in 2003 from Canada at age 5. Maybe Andy is taking Smack at face value and not trying to compare him to his older bro.


Don’t get me wrong I love Andy.

But he is a weird unit and not your typical footy nerd.

In fact, I reckon he is one of those guys that would watch little footy.

Kind of a complement. I like individuals


I agree as I also think he watches minimal games, but I reckon he studies individual efforts. He seems to very hungry to be better so I reckon that’s how he learns/improves his craft.


Smart kid. Don’t hold growing up in Canada against him.


I think considering the age difference between Corey and Shaun a lot of people wouldn’t know they are brothers, I certainly didn’t know until Shaun came to Tulla




He’s the most exciting “kid” we have. Probably what a number 1 pick mid should be but hey, it is working. Being around Zerrett, Shiel and the main mid guys is going to be a massive development of his abilities. I reckon we’re going to see the beginnings of some amazing stuff from Pidge this season.


pffft…listen to johnny come lately here…


Nothing wrong with revisiting fertile ground.


Would love to see Andy be given a run-with role on the the seagull Sidebottom.


He’s too valuable to put in a negative role. We need him in the middle setting things up


I agree with this, he can play him head to head with a defensive focus and when he beats him in the contest bust away for attacking against him. Andy would have him cooked on the breakaway, too quick for Sidebottom.


He is actually quite clever around the goals and has a good goal sense. After everyone was missing those easy set shots I did comment to my wife when Andy lined up that he would kick it. Don’t mind seeing him push up there from time to time


I agree, I wouldn’t want him playing a hard tag. Frontbottom always kills us because we let him run around unchecked, I’d back McGrath in being able to hold him accountable defensively and when the ball goes forward to kick a couple as Steal isn’t much of a defender, preferring to sit in the defensive goal square.


why does he look so slow whenever around the ball I literally don’t understand it.

wasn’t he a hurdles champion or something?