#1 Andy McGrath loves finals football (Part 1)

Our first ever number one pick

What do we think?

What, whether he’s a Number One or a Number Two?

Welcome to Essendon.

Someone post videos now so I can see him for the first time.

Welcom to EFC Pigeon!!

Welcome Andrew, so glad to have playing for us. G0 Bombers.

Welcome baby Bomber


Hell nope poor Clugga

You beauty!!!

Welcome Andrew. We’ll back you in!

I don’t care if you wanted McCluggage, McGrath, Setterfield, SPS, Ainsworth or George freaking Bush. It’s no longer relevant.

Get around this kid - he is going to be an absolute star.

You can even just tell when he speaks and the way he presents himself, has a great head on his shoulders


Hope he has an awesome career with us.

Blitz meltdown in


Looking forward to you ripping everyone a new one…welcome aboard.

Oh ah Andy McGrath!! Welcome to the Mighty Dons son!!

Hmmmm, we’ll see.

Welcome Andrew, wish you all the best

It’s a smart choice, we have an absolute ripper!

Cannot go wrong with Andrew - welcome superstar.

His highlights are incredible, the top 3 of this draft will be talked about just like hodge, ball, judd.

Half back flanker!!

Was on the Cluge bandwagon but he is a Don now and I love him!!

Going to be a gun.

The kid is a very good size for an 18 year old.