#1 Andy McGrath - three more years


Absolutely agree. The future rests on their shoulders


Yep. And the 1.2 million a year mid we are going to poach this year.


like the last 3 years?


It is a must now. The Hawks did it, the cats, the Tigers (Prestia + Caddy = 1.2m), Adelaide… Our turn.


Send him to the back where he did well last year and drop Bags. Problem is we don’t have a pacy mid to bring in for his replacement in the middle


Has been playing back since McKenna has been out.

He actually needs to move back to the midfield. We are crying out for his pace in the middle.


You don’t watch games do you


Trade the kid out before we ruin him too


Do you? astro_bomber is 100% right. McGrath is probably the only player on our list other than Merrett with the agility, speed, disposal and contested ability to change passages of play and break through zones. Our midfield is so incredibly one dimensional at the moment and playing McGrath in a back pocket isn’t helping it.

Edit: Sorry! I read his post wrong, he obviously doesn’t watch games! haha


Astro needs to get out more


To be fair I wish I got out more and watched less games, hurts my head watching us play like that.


Struggled today. Get him in the guts.


I’m starting to think McGrath isn’t going be the midfielder we hoped he would be. Thinking he’s just going to be a really good back pocket.
Reminds me of when sheedy tried wanganeen in the guts. He was just a much better defender.


I think the opposite to be honest. I reckon he is wasted down back.

The guy has shown some really strong glimpses that he will be a very good mid. Just needs experience, and needs to continue to work on his kicking.


Big call bases on how many games played in the midfield. Maybe let him play and develop in the midfield properly before making conclusions.


Thought he was sensational… is it just me?

Oozes talent, racks it up at will.


McKenna comes back this week he will slot straight back in the middle imo.


Just on the midfield he has actually spent most of his time on the wing if not down back. We wouldn’t dare put him in the centre we would rather go with Heppell, Goddard and Zaharakis as our main 3 because you know all 3 have plenty of pace. Ideally in the future we want Zerrett, Fantasia and McGrath all swaping with each other through the middle, wing and forward. One of those 3 must be in the centre every time because everyone else is far too slow and we have no balance


Coaches got gun-shy when Hunter cut up McGrath in the game against the Bulldogs, hence why he played back in round 4 and 5 - Think they are protecting McGrath from playing too much inside, but seriously he could not have done worse than Zaharakis on Jones - Sometimes you have to back in young players.


He doesn’t have to play too much inside either, but the more he gets a taste of it the better. Would also like us to throw him forward from time to time, I’m one of not many on here that have seen him spend time forward and he can be very dangerous.