#1 Andy McGrath - three more years


He’s going to have to be a very good ball carrier (which he is) to make up for the fact that he’s not the longest kick, or the most penetrative. Some of the best players to ever play couldn’t kick over a jam tin, Robert Harvey barely kicked any further than 35m and he won 2 Brownlows. Thought McGrath’s performances v West Coast and North were pretty underrated. Hard act to follow after last year, but he done well…


Goddard? What the heck?

Can’t run, don’t even think about bending over, but still has the boot.


I believe your other half told me you are mad.


Was my other half me, or the other other half?


The other other half.
Although I felt she was holding back a bit.


Just talking makes me nervous in general not necessarily kicking. Like when he picks up the ball and turns back into traffic and tries to fend off a tackle, tries to go for a risky across goal kick or tries to run away from a chasing tackler. Heart in the mouth type of stuff.


Similar kicking skill to Heppell, really good with the short lead up kick. Forwards and others in front of the play have to position for the strengths of the kicker.
He is really strict on his positioning and now taking the game on which are great attributes to have for a second year player. Starts to shine when the game gets harder which is rare for a young player.
He’s really clever with ball in hand, either makes the decision to attack, draw players in or moves to a safe position to offload. Worthy of number 1 pick.


Oh yeah.
But when the ball actually gets to boot, all ends up OK.


I think McGrath’s kicking is quite a bit better than what he seems to be getting credit for here. It lacks a little penetration, but he can still kick 50m.

Main issue to date has been that he has a tendency to often handball when he should kick. This will improve with confidence and i think the doubters will find he is actually an excellent kick.

Was awesome Vs North. Best game this year, and in a midfield-based role. It is the benchmark now and soon will become the norm.


I think his kicking comes down to not spending those vital early years in Australia.
Blame Canada.


What @Lars said


kicked an important goal


To me it seems that he is being guided and encouraged to take the game on with a bit more confidence, and you can tell this by the way he is starting to regain his burst from a contest to create space. He had lost this for a while, hand-balling instead - which he gets away with, because he is so so damn good at hand-balling.


He’s been here since he was 5.


Any kicking skills learnt before 5 are probably worth abandoning anyway


Bugger. That time-frame includes my first lessons in mammary appreciation.

Oh hang on - kicking… I thought you said licking.


Highly doubt that. Moved here when he was 5 which is when most kids start to even kick a footy properly.

McKenna moved to Australia and first kicked a footy when he was 17 - and he is one of our longest and most penetrating kicks.

Some guys can kick it like a bullet, some can’t. It’s not a be all and end all for a superstar player.


Thanks for that Barry.


He doesn’t kick them as far as others but he kicks them low and fast, and he is usually more accurate after a bit of a run and carry which will become more and more common as he gets comfy


Last year he kicked a goal from about 55m out