#10 Franga: IN OUT IN OUT


Lol, the guy just watches his teammate get tackled.

Thanks for the heads up, bro.



He has a neck. :grin:


The physics doesn’t lie




I guess he's not 5 day break fit yet




feeling we'll next see him in 3 weeks. not on the trip west on the big ground...


Expected this. He's nowhere near fit to back up a small break. Be nice to see him back the following week though.


Boring. Get him in!


I don't understand how you can be in an AFL system these days and not be ripped after one year?

Perhaps it's due to injuries, but like Hurley, I don't think they have done enough work to get their bodies conditioned. He better not waste his talent because he is lazy...he won't be the first!


He's not even really fit enough even with a normal break.
He might as well have gone home at 1/2 time last week, you can't carry a guy like that! We were pretty lucky Collingwood didn't exploit that.


Enjoyed his little cameo, looking forward to the next. Hope he is working hard and doing everything he can to prepare himself.


Seriously though, is there some underlying issue re: his fitness?

Can't ever recall a player struggling as badly to play more than half a match.


thats because you don't see them, they sit in the vfl for 4-5 years then come out and be handy talls.


Don’t worry, he won’t.


This is exactly what I said would happen. Just sayin.


His not lazy mate, has been battling his guts out to get fit. Injurys certainly haven't helped, plus from all reports he has grown a fair bit since been at the club. Bigger stronger built guys often take more time to build a tank. How tall is he 193 or 4 now?


Club states that he is 194cm at 94kgs.


Hurley on google
193 and 92kg.

Francis is still only 19 and the size of some KP players already, so he is going to take time to build that tank. But when he does, he could be anything.


1 cm lol