#10 Franga: IN OUT IN OUT


Needs to head for the Boxing gym over summer ala Jobe did and transform his fitness/body mass.

Its ok for kids to take a year or two. He either keeps working for it or the game will bypass him. I think he’ll be ok.


I agree, he needs that base that comes from a boxing style program. I’m sure Diesel will get him down and really work the crap out of him. The good part about that kind of training is it’s not as bad for injuries. Just smashes the heart rate and teaches him a much higher level of work rate.

I think his confidence is shot too. They need to build him up over the summer, settled in a position and allow him to find his role in the team.

I’m sure a bout of home sickness isn’t helping which is why a trade to Adelaide for Lever or Port for somebody like Wines might be a good idea.


Not sure if I’d prefer that he is a bit lazy and it’s just a matter of him pulling his finger out, or that he’s busting his guts and doesn’t have the genetic makeup to run out a game of footy.

One thing that needs to improve is his body language. He mopes around like the weight of the world is on his shoulders.


He’s a KPP sized Sam Lonergan at the moment, everything he does is ‘contested’ because he lacks the tank and/or the smarts to get the ball on the outside.




Ah, the old “Jobe-like pre season.”

Let’s hope.


I’m in the “just give him time” camp.

A few adjustment issues, family issues, a few injuries, etc combined with the is still growing when drafted and trying to learn a bunch of different positions. All of this added up to “will take time”.

The problems with his tank are overrated I reckon. He was good late in the game a couple of weeks ago. It’s just a case of learning to keep his head in the game from play to play and quarter to quarter white he builds the tank to the level he hopes for (ie midfielder level). I doubt it ever becomes Stanton like, but it will be good enough.

The Curnow comparisons are pointless. Everyone knew he had an elite tank pre draft. We decided that the other components (slow, skills, etc) weren’t what we were looking for as much as we were looking for the power and intensity that Francis brought.

And now I’m thinking that the best comparison for his development might be Adelaide’s Tom Lynch, who got the “Mr Intensity” label in u 18s, but did little in his first few years, and was traded by St Kilda.


Pace yourselves. Off season hasn’t started yet


I wanted parish and weideman, but he hasnt done much either.

If only we could have got oliver and parish


Lynch is more like Curnow I reckon. Athlete who gets to many contests.


SEN commentator said it was a quad injury


2015 draft:

  1. Francis
  2. Hopper (obviously academy)
  3. Ah Chee
  4. Weideman
  5. McKay
  6. Milera
  7. Curnow

Looking back, none of these players have performed (due to injury or otherwise) apart from Curnow. Francis still looks to be a good choice and has the most upside out of the lot of them.


Outside looking in for most of us obviously but do you think he’s 100% committed to be the best he can be yet?


Honestly, who gets homesick to return to Adelaide while living in Melbourne?


Considering he lost his brother in his draft year. Might be missing that family element. Ordinarily I’d be with you.


Relocate his family, We made 4M this year we can afford it. Scrap the AFLW plans. :stuck_out_tongue:


Few things I can’t say but there is a VERY clear program in place that has friends and club supporting him getting fit this off season. He clearly knows this off season is critical and very focused in turning fortunes around. From what I hear initially injury on weekend was very light. While players are having a break he will be working hard getting fit on a strict program that has been drawn out. Will only see family in Christmas small break.

Head in a better place and we will see come Feb 2018 on his condition. Just cant have hammy related issues…needs consistency in gym and running next 3-4 months


I didn’t necessarily mean in terms of tank, just that it might take a players a while to get to the intensity required at senior AFL level. Lynch was 6 games over first 2 years, and 6 in his third after being traded to Adelaide. He was always pretty good endurance wise, but his defining quality as a junior was his intensity at the contest. Stepping that up the 5 or 6 levels to cope with the AFL level took a bit of time.

Obviously Francis needs to keep building a tank, but he also needs to keep building his ability to keep his intensity at the required levels for longer periods. We’ve all seen that his best is good. When he has the fitness and concentration and application and it all comes together, then we’ll have a player.


Perhaps it’s not a tank thing. Perhaps it’s just his genetic make regarding fast/slow twitch fibres.
You can’t train that. It is what it is.


Not quite zero but in the bottom ten for skin folds, fitness and strength to weight ratio (in simple terms)