#10 Franga: IN OUT IN OUT


I remember some of the football he was playing late last year in the Vfl, big grabs, big tackles, goals on the run from outside 50.
Started this season as favorite for the rising star, what exactly happened ?


zero fitness and conditioning.


He is cooked boys let’s unload while he might get a 2nd round pick for us. The potential factor goes away very quickly if he’s not on the track. Don’t want another Gumby on the payroll for 9 years.


I remember people wanting Hooker traded to West Coast for 2 2nd round picks, and looking back…

Bart Cummings was the king at giving his young horses plenty of time and being really patient until they fully develop and boy did he get rewarded for his patience.
This big brute of a lad just needs everyone to be patient, time is on his side, he just has so much raw ability which will develop just not as quickly as we all hope.


I was certainly unexcited by us taking Francis, though I saw it coming a long way out. He had some very clear weaknesses. And I’d seen very little of Curnow, Weiderman, or the other alternatives that seemed likely at the time (Burton wasn’t even on the radar for a top-5 pick), so it’s not like i had an alternative that I could say I thought would be better. And I was satisfied at the time that he’d at least be a AFL-level player, through probably a 3rd tall defender.

He always struck me as the sort of type who rides his confidence though, and found that a bit troubling. In a match, When he’s on, his production improves with his confidence. When he’s down, he stays down unless something changes for him, he gets moved to a new position or gets a change of opponent. That sort of thing bothers me cos a player like that isn’t someone you can rely on to drag you out of a hole (and if you’re picking a guy with a low single digit draft pick, you want that) and because he requires the coach to rearrange the rest of the side to cater to him. His engine wasn’t the best, but it was certainly plenty adequate for kpp at u18 level. But at the time lots of people were talking him up as a Kouta-esque do-it-all prospect who could go into the middle, and I just never saw that.


So do we head to the props to dodoro thread to take it down a peg?


Cooked? How exactly? His injuries are minor, mere scratches, Pythoneseque flesh wounds.


Just to make sure people get it right; he was PICK SIX (6). Not a big issue but it pays to get these things right occasionally if you are going to blather on.


How many did Jobe play??

Same body/bulk. Lumps of lads both.

Nuff sed


Jobe who ?


I wanted Curnow … obviously


I thought his first half was ok. Couple of good clunks, some great body work and a lovely contested mark and lightning quick handball (that you can’t teach) that created a goal just after half time. As a team we went completely off the boil when he went off injured. Probably a little because he wasn’t out there and a more so because we were a player down.

The expectations of some are outlandish. He’s 20 years old, still nowhere near fully developed. 2 seasons is not enough time for him. I hope the club understand that a boy like Francis will take 5 years to physically mature and maybe longer to get there mentally.


FWIW other talls from the Francis draft pick 9 Sam Wiedeman only 10 games and averaging 8 touches a game, Harry McKay pick 10 has had 2 games.

Not sure any of them are busts yet, Curnow has just taken that step earlier and Curnow was always talked up more than them pre draft anyway


Not worried yet, however 2018 is a big year for the lump.



Think people overlook the fact that some of the conditions these guys play in VFL games do them no favours.

Not making excuses for Francis as he still needs a bit pre-season but all things should be considered


This thread reminds me of the Daniher thread and the Mckenna thread.
Posts from people that are impatient and have short memories.


Are we spending our panic dollars here or the McKenna thread?


I’m having a bit each way


Good question.
Over to the McKenna thread for me.


Still eligible for the Rising Star next year.
This from the AFL site:

Josh Begley (two games)
Dylan Clarke (yet to debut)
Sam Draper (yet to debut)
Aaron Francis (five games)
Kobe Mutch (yet to debut)
Mason Redman (three games)
Jordan Ridley (yet to debut)

One to watch in 2018: We should finally get an extended AFL look at Aaron Francis in 2018. Capable of playing key position at both ends – although he has settled in defence – and boasts sure hands and composure.