#10 Franga: IN OUT IN OUT


I’d say after two years he’s had plenty of education. All above the shoulders for now.


It sounds like, the man has the potential but lacks the application. Is that what you are saying?


I was kind of keen for Woodforde to win the 1996 Australian Open semi-final.
Unfortunately he got out-ranga’d.


Pretty much how it reads. That’s how Jobe was at the start until he suddenly realised he needed to pull his finger out if he was going to make it and the rest is history. Whether Aaron has the mental fortitude to get on with it is anyone’s guess, some do, some don’t.


Sounds like he doesn’t have the appetite for it. Some do some don’t. I hope we haven’t backed a loser here but doesn’t sound too promising


Neither do you, actually.


Should’ve taken Curnow.


Aaaaaah hindsight! If only we had taken Selwood in 06, Dangerfield in 07, Parker in 10 and curnow in 15 we’d be a really good team


He won’t make it.

Thank me in 12 months time, Blitz


We’re gunna need a bigger ‘I was wrong’ thread this time next year.


How is boot doing?


Pretty well thanks love. The cold Tassie winters don’t agree with him, but other than that, he’s fat, happy and looking forward to finals.


Yes I think there are some people here saying he misjudges the flight of the ball. Which was exactly my issue with Daniher a year or so ago. In fact I questioned whether he needed his eye sight tested.

In that respect, and in many others, Daniher has improved out of sight.

I haven’t seen Francs play much, but on misjudging the flight of the ball if Daniher is anything to go by, I am sure it is probably something that will improve with time.


I really hope you’re right


Apparently dying his hair


I have faith that Francis will become the player we all hope he will become.


I’m hearing a Francis for Lever trade in the making???


I’m not worried. But this pre-season is big.

What happened to @Reboot?


Tippa walked into his cafe and belted him


On blitz?