#10 Franga: IN OUT IN OUT


Nup. Not on Blitz - a few rumours floating around the footy world. May not be true??


I’m very sceptical…


Yer maybe but apparently Francis is “homesick” and wants to go home?


Trade for a mid


But Adelaide isn’t home for him. So i don’t get that argument .


I remember laughing at Richmond, because Tayte Pears was on track to be a gun.

While Rance looked like he would be an average player, at best.


He was recruited from SA wasn’t he?


Yes. But not Adelaide. Don’t see how that is going home…

I thought he lived way out country…


Not sure. He was recruited from West Adelaide. May have family ties there?




He is from the Riverland - about 3 hrs north of adelaide


I hate this shoulda coulda woulda BS.

Maybe if we took someone else instead of Francis they would have played more games last year, and possibly won us 1 extra game, and then we don’t finish last and get McGrath.

Don’t deal in hypotheticals.

The man is ours, and he’ll continue to be ours for the forseeable, so until then let’s just back him in.

Francis for rising star 2018.


Not true.
A tad depressed/frustrated that his body isn’t holding up and is so used to dominating at junior level that it’s taking him awhile to get his head around it. He knows what he needs to do in the offseason and will get there. Last I heard which was a couple of weeks ago he was very settled and happy with the club.


I guess we will just have to wait and see.


Nope, the Riverland area is West Adelaide’s zone. He boarded down in Adelaide whilst going to college


Hey, I have no idea what is going on with him. I am just detailing what is allegedly going around the pre season trade rumor circuit, that’s all.


Not a chance, Mutch is well ahead of him.


Wouldnt say well ahead of him, hasnt even had a senior game yet.


I am referring to his performances this year and in the Elimination Final.


“If” he is homesick, wrap him up with Redman and chase Lever.
If he’s committed to Essendon long term then even better.